10... things you only know if you've been to ButeFest!

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Date published: 28th Mar 2017

by Emma Cooper

10. There's no such thing as bad weather


The first year of ButeFest we were hit by a now legendary storm, which almost wiped out our coastal festival site. The next day a few enterprising souls glorified in the mud as only ButeFest-ers can.

It became quite the competition, attracting an audience who cheered the 'contestants' to win the coveted 'longest mud slide' trophy. We offered them hot showers and shampoo, which were gratefully received, before they headed back out there for some more!

9. Every field needs a disco ball

Disco ball
There's something rather marvellous about a field with a disco ball in the middle of it. You can tinkle a tune on the piano below, dance like no-one's watching, or simply lie on your back underneath, gazing up at the sparkling lights after dark, and enjoying a quiet moment to yourself contemplating life, the universe and well, errrrr... disco presumably.

8. There's nowhere else quite like Elsewhere Else


With it's crazy mix of tunes, performance art and a hippy vibe guaranteed to have you chilling out, dancing happy, and just possibly wearing a blue wig, there's something happening in Elsewhere Else which is just a little bit magical. We don't know where it came from, we don't know where it's been, but if you've found Elsewhere Else, you'll know exactly what we mean.

7. Secretly, the parents enjoy the children's entertainment as much as they do


...and quite possibly more than they do! Whether its science made fun (and who could ever say pink smoke isn't fun) or Punch and Judy, there's something for all ages.

6. A door to nowhere can lead you to unexpected places

Sadly, we have no photos of the door to nowhere. Our photographer was last seen stepping through in a quest to take a pic from the other side. Maybe she'll turn up again this year. Maybe not. Enter at your own risk.

5. It's still cool to dance the YMCA


OK, 'cool' might be overstating it, but if you'd seen people doing what we only know as the 'crossing the road' dance, then the YMCA can't not be cool, or can it? You can ask Colonel Mustard yourself at ButeFest, as they're making a triumphant return for 2017!

4. Bute is the most accessible of the Scottish islands...

Just 90 minutes from Glasgow by train, bus or car, including the ferry and a short walk to the site (or bus ride!).

Our ferries run every 45min - 1hour from early in the morning until past my bedtime, you don't need to book your space, and they connect with the incoming train making life just that little bit easier.

Don't forget to watch out for your favourite artists queuing for a cuppa and a locally made biscuit - they'll be on the ferry just like you!

3. ...and there is nothing quite like a ferry full of artists, hippies and commuters!


Whilst it is hard to miss ButeFest if you live on Bute, there is always the occasional bewildered bleary-eyed commuter on your ferry, who thinks they may just have fallen down the rabbit hole and would like to know where all of these strangely dressed people with their backpacks and roll mats have come from. If you do happen to see one on your way over to Bute, be kind, offer them a cuppa and maybe say a few calm reassuring words.

2. Our volunteers have just as much fun as our guests


From turning a field into a festival, feeding the hungry masses, stewarding the campervans and creating giant art works, our volunteers do everything to make the festival fun - and they love it! ButeFest couldn't happen without all of the people who give their creativity, time and love into making it what it is. If you want to join our lovely wee team this year, give us a buzz, and we guarantee you a hug.

1. Weird is wonderful


If you and a mate want to dress up in the early hours of the morning, when no-one else is around, then we salute you.

Bring on the wonderfully weird, the crazily cool and the just plain odd - we welcome you all!

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