Unleashing Kydus' Free Spirit

We spoke with the latest whipper-snapper to emerge form the Circus music stable Kydus.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 17th Nov 2014

Image taken from the video to Kydus 'Free Spirit'

Liverpool has been a conveyor belt of talent for a hot minute now, a steady stream of electronic music brilliance since the acid house explosion roped in Frankie Goes to Hollywood vocalist Paul Rutherford for the scintillating 'Get Real' (below) back in the late eighties.

Since then it's delivered a litany of top clubs and producers, with Quadrant Park, Voodoo and the mighty Cream all gifting the city a scene to be proud of. In recent years Circus has been the standard bearer, in no small part to it's founding musical dynamo Yousef (who regaled his creative process to us last week).

Circus has delivered a myriad of DJs and producers who have cut their teeth on their dancefloor before becoming stars around the global circuit, Acid Mondays and the man behind our Skiddle Mix 051 David Glass two recent examples. Next on the one to watch list is the name Kydus.

The Liverpool reared producer has had a blistering 2014, down in no small part to his track 'Free Spirit', a heartfelt tribute to a friend who killed herself tragically after being a victim of domestic violence, becoming a bittersweet Circus anthem in the process.

We caught up with the young producer to see how recording the tribute helped him deal with the grief of losing someone, and his blossoming relationship with Circus and electronic music as a whole.

Hi Kydus, for anyone who's unfamiliar with you and your music, could you tell them a bit more about yourself and your sound?

Hi guys, I'm a 29 year old producer and DJ from Liverpool, and I have had tracks signed with Yousef’s Circus Recording and Under No Illusion, amongst others. I would say my style is more of a techy house sound, I like a lot of instrumentation as well within my records, plenty of pianos and lots of percussion.

What first got you into electronic music, and who have been the biggest influences during your career in electronic music to date and even before it began?

I have always had a varied musical taste from a really young age, my parents have always been a major influence in that respect. I got my first set of turntables at the age of 13, and then produced my first dance record at 17.

The DJs I looked up to from an early age was Carl Cox and Erick Morillo, those guys where the DJs I inspired to be like when I was younger.

You're from Liverpool and you've been a big part of some of the events within the city, from your experience, what do you think makes Liverpool so special when it comes to music?

Liverpool has always been amazing when it comes to music over the years. I have been lucky enough to play most of the clubs and events in the city, it's been a privilege. I think there is a lot of unique people in Liverpool and that helps the music scene to be so thriving.

You're a regular on Circus line ups, how did your relationship with them come about?

'Free Spirit' (below) has became an anthem at the Circus events, and that's been instrumental in me becoming more of a part of the line ups.


That record was a tribute to a friend you've lost recently. How cathartic was the process of recording it and creating the video, and how much do you think the record will help praise awareness in combating the ills behind the tragedy?

It was an incredible but emotional time, we wanted to capture her favourite places and the ones that meant the most to her so that is the story behind video. With the help of her amazing sister, friends and family we was able to create the video and anyone who knew her will no what the balloons represent. 

If the video can help raise awareness, or if it helps just one person who is suffering and pushes them to seek help and advice that would really please me. If myself or any of her friends and family knew what was going on we would of stepped in, and she would still be with us today. If we can prevent one more tragedy then it'll be worth it.

You're set to play Circus' Snowbombing event on 29th November, how does it feel to be part of such a hugely influential club night and to play alongside the likes of Ten Walls and Matthias Tanzmann?

For any up and coming artist to be on a line up with Matthias and Ten Walls is such an amazing feeling, and I feel honoured that the Circus camp have asked me play.

You've also just played the Circus London, how was that?

Circus on Saturday Egg was incredible for me, Yousef played probably the best set I've seen in a long time he had the terrace at another level, I couldn't name one track that my friends Acid Mondays played and Tolfrey well lets just say he smashed it! 

It was the third time in the capital for me and it just keeps getting better and better.  Before that I warmed up for Kolsch which was incredible, and the crowd down there are always so welcoming. 

We've clocked your date at an Under No Illusion party in Glasgow in December, how did you end up producing on the label and becoming such a key player for them? 

Yeah my first time up in Glasgow which I am really looking forward too, my relationship started with the collaboration I did with my main man David Glass - our latest track for them is 'Get a taste of this Dopeness' (below).

I then went on to release my 'Bare Essence' EP and the 'Phase One and 'Phase Two' EPs with Ki Creighton. The label is thriving and is on track for big things in 2015 with some amazing releases to come.

What other labels are you involved in, and can you give us a sneak glimpse into your production schedule for the future?

I have release with Gramophondzie's Disko Zoo, Midnight Music and Carpe Diem Musica - you can hear my next release on Carpe in February/March. My remix for the Eagles and Butterflies track 'Birds of paradise' has also just been released which has been getting some amazing support.

There's  more music coming on Circus Recordings next year plus more on some other labels that I cant really speak about at the moment, but rest assured I am extremely excited about this. I am always very busy in the studio and have lots of exciting projects for 2015 so watch this space

We're also coming to the end of the year. Musically who has really hit it for you in 2014?

For me 2014 has been amazing for Bontan, Josh Butler, David Glass and Lauren Lo Sung. They've all been on fire in 2014.

Finally, a hypothetical question, if you were to throw your dream party who would you play alongside, where would it take place, and what song would define the night?

If I could have one dream party it would consist of Anfield stadium and John Lennon.

Kydus plays Circus in Liverpool on Saturday 29th November, follow the main ticket box below for tickets to that. You can also catch him at Sankeys the same night, and for the Under No Illusion label party at St Jude in Glasgow on Saturday 13th December.

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