Skiddle Stereo Selections Friday 4th September

We've updated our Stereo Selection playlist with a cluster of sizzling new tracks.

Ben Smith

Last updated: 6th Sep 2015

Image: Courts

We should have four day weeks more often, don't you think? Here's hoping for a royal baby, because with that extra day, not only did we get an extra day to party, but we've compiled our Stereo Selections into a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

You know what to do, get subscribing because we're about to give you the skinny on four new tracks that have been buzzing our playlist all week.

Courts 'Wanna Be High'

Courts are a five-piece from Basildon outing themselves as the next spoken word prodigies waxing lyrical about the ins and outs of the rain sodden British life. 

Merging hazy grooves and funky guitar licks with the hook "I Wanna Be High", the track cuts itself as an undisputed stoners anthem. The verse "THC taught me more than GCSE's" illustrates their lean wordplay; who ever needed GCSE's anyway?  

Ben Smith

KDA, Shadow Child, Katy B and Tinie Tempah 'Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)' 

Shadow Child re-edited KDA's 'Rumble' earlier this summer, which was a huge hit on its own and the reworked version has been kept as the backbone for this this track, but two of the chart's biggest artists have had their way with it, adding some surprisingly welcome vocals to the house groover. 

Tinie Tempah's verses are neither here nor there but Katy B's chorus has turned this into a potential number one. Annie Mac premiered it on her show earlier this week, instantly cementing it as a track to watch over the next month or so. 

Becca Frankland

Romansoff 'Beyond The Self'

Landing on Lobster Theremin's sister imprint Mörk a few weeks back, Romansoff’s Infinite Dreams EP fits beautifully into the imprint’s predilection with hazy, refined techno tuned for the dancefloor. The Romanian producer, well admired in the underground not least through his own label Raw Tools has been steadily emerging as a unique force in deep house and techno, injecting warmth and emotion into his records with great skill.

'Beyond The Self' is an amalgamation of all his best qualities, matching washed out, somnambulist melodies and stretched out chords with touches of ingeniously placed, ambiguous samples, tied together with taut analogue beats. It's a slow burner that calms and quiets the mind, leaving the listener with a warm glow of satisfaction - something that's kept us coming back for more all week.

Mike Warburton

Shigeto 'Pulse'  

It's been a long time since we were drawn to the skies and dropped into the world of Shigeto, which more than likely explains the naming of his upcoming Intermission EPCentred on a latin rhythm led by the marimbas, lead track Pulse doesn't fail to capture the imagination, playing out like a blistering sun rising over a desolate savanna. 

Distorted in parts, the mood of the track is built upon a single synth note, breezy chimes, and an interjecting gasp of air to blissfully amplify anticipation of the full EP release in October. 


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