Skiddle Mix 060 - Zoo Look (LWE)

Our latest mix comes courtesy of house and techno upstarts Zoo Look - listen in.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 20th Feb 2015.
Originally published: 19th Feb 2015

Image: Zoo Look

The latest mix to come our way comes in the shape of an expertly mixed ensemble of Detroit techno and shuffling house grooves from Zoo Look, as they raid their record collection for an hour that features Kenny Larkin, Mike Dehnert and Levon Vincent (check our thoughts on his recent LP here). Listen to it via Mixcloud below.


Skiddle Mix 060 - Zoo Look (LWE) by Skiddle on Mixcloud


The duo, who have released on the likes of Tsuba and Dirt Crew, are set to play LWE's new Mixed project on Saturday 28th February, with this mix a perfect introduction to the electronic flavours the duo represent.

Ahead of the show we got on the blower to delve a little further into their musical psyche, and to see what was bubbling on the horizon for the hotly tipped pair.

Thanks for doing the mix for us, is this reflective of where you're at musically right now, and what we can expect from a Zoo Look set if we were to catch you out?

You’re very welcome! We would say this mix is pretty similar to what you’d see us play live, yeah - depending on the set time, the party, the crowd and all that business of course.

If you catch us on warm up duties it'll be a deeper, more disco oriented kind of set and at other times, on the other end of the spectrum, you may very well find us hammering out a heavy, driving, techno set. This mix sits somewhere in the middle we guess! 

Besides those on the mix, what producers have you been digging so far this year?

Most recently we would probably have to go with Paranoid London. Their self titled LP which dropped a few weeks ago is a real treat. Sure, the distorted, acid flecked techno thing has been around for years, but they’ve really managed to take that and make it their own… so hats off to those guys! 

You're scheduled to make your debut for LWE's Mixed project at Village Underground shortly, have you been to the club as a raver before? And where else do you enjoy playing and partying in the capital?

Yeah we’ve been to Village Underground many, many times before and have always wanted to play there. It’s such an amazing space and the Mixed series looks really strong too so we’re really looking forward to getting involved.

Our favourite spot in the city would have to be Corsica Studios. With it’s incredible sound system, intimate feel and raw aesthetic you always know you’re in for a good night when heading there to play.  

What other club shows have you got coming up?

We’re back in London in May, at The Nest and we also have a couple of festival spots lined up over the coming months too, including Gottwood and The Somerley Tea Party amongst some others. There will be many more to come so keep an eye out for us.   

Studio wise where we can expect to see your grooves appearing in the future? And for those uninitiated to your sound, how does it compare and contrast to your DJ style?

Over the last year or so we have taken a bit of time out from gigging and such to really buckle down and focus in the studio. We’re really excited with the way things are shaping up and we’re looking forward to sharing some release info with you at a later date… stay tuned.

You can check out two sneaky unreleased bits in the mix actually… they’re kind of indicative as to what we’ve been up to and we think you’ll agree that they are somewhat different to our previous releases and what we’ve been known for in the past. 

And finally, you've been given an unlimited budget and Rufus and his phone box from Bill and Ted for your next album, meaning you can pluck any five musicians from any period in their career, dead or alive, to record with you. Who do you go for and what is the sound going to end up like?

James Stinson (The Other People Place / Drexciya) would have been top pick for us. It’s a real shame he passed away so early, his music has been a huge inspiration to us over the years and given the opportunity we would have given our right arm to jump in the studio with him.

Number two would probably have to be Floating Points. That guy has the midas touch and is one of the very few producers out there that never, ever disappoints.

Then we'd go for Peven Everett. Getting Peven to lay down some of his silky smooth vocals for us would be a total dream come true (hear those on Roy Davis Jr's 'Gabriel' below).

For number four we’ll go with the far-out, jazzy stylings of Moon Dog. That guy would have shown us a thing or two for sure. It’s almost impossible to predict what the outcome would have been if we were to have ever collaborated in his lifetime, but it certainly would have been interesting.

Lastly, number five we would probably have to pick the deep and atmospheric techno offerings of one of our favourite modern day producers - Efdemin. Anyone that is familiar with this man’s albums will know why we’ve picked him.

All in all we would say it would make for a pretty interesting album - it’d be spacey, smooth and deep in some places and hard and fast in others, with lots of jazzy interludes. If only it were a reality! 

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