Skiddle Mix 014 - Ben Gomori (Stranjjur / Paulatine)

One of the hottest rising stars of the UK house music scene, Ben Gomori, gives us his mix from the recent Standon Calling festival.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 9th Aug 2013

Image: Ben Gomori

Skiddle Mix 014 - Ben Gomori (Stranjjur / Paulatine) by Skiddle on Mixcloud

We started up our Mixcloud channel to give you the some of the best DJ sets lurking on the internet as well as painting a picture of the event terrain out there. The latest instalment sees us combining the both effortlessly (go us), with rising star Ben Gomori giving us his recent live set at Standon Calling.

We’ve been fans of Gomori for a hot minute, particularly the slew of free tracks he’s given away on his soundcloud (check his delightfully bright and breezy rework of Dan Croll above), so the opportunity to push this mix was too good to pass on. We also pressed him on a few things; read on…

Hi Ben, for our readers who may not be aware who you are, introduce yourself.

Hello, I'm Ben Gomori, I make and play various shades of house music. I also have four nipples.

You've done us a mix, thanks! Can you tell us a little about it? Is this a complete reflection of your style?

So this mix was recorded live at Standon Calling last weekend. I was playing at the Groove Garden Pool Party in the afternoon, so it was all about keeping it nice and groovy poolside. There's a few eclectic flavours in the first half, some nu disco vibes and then moving towards more housey material.

Quite a few classics and lesser known oldies thrown in there, lots of vocals and a track that's never been played anywhere before by Jamie Le Vack which I love. This is what I sound like in the day time, I guess. At night, it would be more straight-up house.

How has your summer been so far?

So nice of you to ask. It's been great thanks. Playing at Glastonbury was a dream come true and it was nice to play again in Ibiza for the first time since I played We Love...Space a few years back. Finished off a few tracks and remixes I'm really happy with and got them signed to some great labels like Stranjjur and RvS, and there's lots more in the pipeline. I also had a ball at Sonar as usual. Still plenty of summer still left to go too.

Where can we next look forward to seeing you play?

Next gig is in London at Apogee's Notting Hill Carnival free warm-up party - can't wait to play alongside Citizen, he played one of the best sets I've seen this year. Then the following weekend I'm playing at Field Maneuvers, a new mini-festival not too far from London. Oh, and at a mate's wedding in Whitstable that weekend too! Ha.

And finally what else lies in the future for you?

Lots of music that's been waiting to come out, in September I’ve got four releases to look forward to. There’s the 'Water & Absinthe' EP  on Paulatine Records, my ‘Booty Call’ remix of Bob & Luke 'One More Night’ on Sleazy Deep, 'Love Gamble' via RvS and then also on Stranjjur I’m putting out 'Narcoleptic Cake Stripper'. November I’ll ba back on that label with the 'Inside This House EP' and then, release date to TBC, 'Olympia' on House Of Disco.

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