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Review: Basshunter - Angel in The Night

Sex, Bass and Videotape. Basshunter talks Angels, nighttime and naked Norwegian models who aint allowed home to Iran. Oh and a new single.

Richard Dyer

Date published: 2nd Oct 2008

You've got to give it to Basshunter. What can only be described as Europop is descending on the UK charts again, with the debut album 'Now You're Gone' knocking Coldplay off the number one spot in the album chart. Which, when you think about it, is pretty mega, cause Coldplay aint half good.

Now the ultimate bass creator is back with the ahem, amazing, 'Angel in the Night'. Apparently the story in the video follows on from Basshunters last outing 'All I Ever Wanted' with Aylar Lie left heartbroken and Basshunter steps in for some action. According to the Sun newspaper, this isn't for the first time, Aylar has been told she will be killed if she entered her homeland of Iran, after "JONAS ALTBERG, the man behind Basshunter, had an orgy at his old dearís gaff and the pics ended up on tíinternet"
It was an excuse really to publish a picture of Aylar Lie on our website, but I don't think she's all that if I'm honest. A face for radio, maybe. Reminds me of Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Anyhow, back to the music. It's Eurotrash soundtrack nonsense. It's what you will hear at your local cattle market, and that fat bird on the nightbus with the pink rodeo hat won't stop singing it. It's not for me, but plenty of people will love it.

2/5 for Effort
Review by Richskiddle

Thanks to The Sun Newspaper for the comedy quotes.