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Rephlex Interview!

If it wasn't for this guy, I wouldn't have wasted hours in a dark room messing with drum machines, I wouldn't have started my unhealthy obsession with 303 basses and Aphex Twin. Here goes my first interview.

Eva Oyon

Date published: 7th Oct 2009

Can you describe the surroundings your in, right now?

I'm in my office in the front room of my house, looking out at the sea.

What is your earliest musical memory?

Listening to Ennio Morricone and John Barry film soundtracks off the telly and swapping an Action Man for Jeff Love’s ‘Disco Galactic Hits’ on my 4th or 5th birthday.

What is the best gig you've played and why?

Either Osaka in 97 or Israel/Dead Sea a few years later, or maybe Earthcore in Australia, or maybe playing in Sau Paulo with a live Batucada band accompanying me. Just mental locations, alien environments, with lovely people.

I'd have loved to have seen/heard you being accompanied by a Batucada band, bet that was pretty magic! What is the worst gig you've played and why?

Berlin Love Parade or countless gigs in London, often such a lame city.

What is the best gig you've attended and why?

I saw a band called, Return To Forever in 2008, at IndigO2. Seriously get hold of the DVD of that tour!!! These guys set and maintain the standard, real talent that everyone forgot, talent people can’t keep up with even after 30 years!

I'll check those guys out later! What is the worst gig you've attended and why?

I’ve chosen to forget it… erm… no can’t recall

Can you recommend any new artists?

Yes, check out Wisp he is the best new talent for at least 10 years, I’m serious. There’s plenty more all about to come out on Rephlex Records this Winter '09/Spring '10.

What music do you listen to at home?

I like silence to be honest, but I do listen to music very selectively when i have time and space to absorb it and feel it.

I get you, especially with music being your job! Do you have a favourite artist?

Ennio Morricone. Stanley Clarke. Prince pre-1988. Aphex Twin.

What is your favourite album/track at the moment?

Les Mcann's 'The Harlem Buck Dance Strut' (Ice T sampled the whole track at the end of ‘power’ album). Pure pimp style!

Who are your biggest influences when DJ'ing?

The records in my record box! I like a bit of everything. Dance music, Electronic music, etc. More than 45 mins of anything gets a bit boring so I like to change things up as i feel it.

What is your favourite festival you have visited/played?

I think Benecassim in Spain was the lushest, speaking as a performer. Cocktails in the backstage pool – kushti.

What is your preferred DJ setup?

2 Technics turntables, a mixer (with 4 channels & 3 band eq and variable crossfade curve), maybe a cd player for one or two tracks if I can’t stretch to a dubplate, headphones and monitors controlled from the DJ booth.

Have you any other projects you are working on right now?

Tons, all types of creative media from literature to cooking to filming, it’s all we do down in Kernow.

Do you have any records in your collection that you'd consider a guilty pleasure?

No not guilty. Maybe Mrs Mills ‘Let’s Have Another One’ because I dropped it after Galliano mixed with BDP ‘We In Here’ right after their set, before the crowd had a chance to applaud them, such a naughty anticlimax!

Where did you first meet Richard?

In the (dark) broom cupboard at Redruth Grammar School.

What made you want to setup the label?

I always wanted to put records out and make music since i was a little kid. The old hip hop films about breakdance and running independent labels out of a back room enforced that in me. It just got stronger and stronger, till one day I met someone nice, who made amazing tunes that weren’t yet released.

How did you originally go about setting it up?

We chose some tracks that were available, pressed them up at Porky’s mastering and pressed them at PR Records in London. Then I distributed them in the back of my Suzuki Samurai SJ413 (just like Easy-E did!) to record shops like Red/Unity/Groove/Black Market/etc in the West End of London, until Kudos Distribution came knocking.

Have you any upcoming released on Rephlex records that we should look out for?

15 new projects coming from, among others
Bogdan Raczynksi                                          
Jodey Kendrick           
DMX Krew       
Aleksi Perala                          
Macc & dgoHn                        
We are hoping to breath some life into electronic music and dance music with this concentrated wave of lush music so I hope people listen up!

Quick Fire 5!

Favourite Food?


Worst Food?
Ram’s member

Favourite Place?
With my family

Favourite Film?

Could be doing something better than watching films

Favourite Club?
Either mint or orange flavour but I ain’t had one for ages, people always catch me out with the old ‘remove the biscuit and reassemble the wrapper’ trick.

Questions by Charles Heap

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