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Paul Blair

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Date published: 6th Jul 2016

Q) Where and when was your 1st ever gig? How'd it go?

A) The one & only Hot Water Comedy Club on Sunday 27th June 2010. England had just been knocked out of The World Cup by Germany, so the show wasn't particularly busy. In fact there was exactly 32 people there and 28 of them had come with me, whilst 2 of them were Hungarian tourists who couldn't understand anything. I thought it had gone well at the time. I very recently watched the clip back and I don't know why anybody encouraged me to ever do stand-up again. It was dreadful material and even worse delivery.

Q) Who/what were your main influences when you first started out as a comedian?

A) Jason Manford & Kevin Bridges. They're the two comics that made me want to do comedy, so they had a huge influence on me. Six years later theres load of comedians that I really love and have had big impacts on me as a performer. From famous people like Bill Burr & Dylan Moran to circuit comics like Dan Nightingale, John Hastings and definitely Hot Water's own Paul Smith. I've definitely learned my time-keeping skills from him.

Q) What has been your biggest achievement to date?

A) I've been lucky enough to get to the final of and win a few competitions, but I'd say my biggest achievement is probably becoming a professional comedian. To get to the point where clubs are paying me for this is something I never thought I'd get to when I started, so I'm really grateful for that.

Q) If you weren't a stand up comedian what would you be?

A) Financially better off.

Q) What has been your favourite gig to date?

A) Hot Water Comedian of the Year Final 2011. It was six mates, all competing after winding each other up about the possible result for months. To win that was something I was extremely happy with. Even if I did have to spend the next day apologising to several people for being sick on them once I'd downed a four pint pitcher of beer.

Q) And your worst?

A) I did a Christmas party above The Crown Hotel pub a few years ago. Hardly anybody was even listening and I heard one of the audience ask another "Is he supposed to be a comedian?" - which is obviously never something you want people to be questioning.

Q) Who is your favourite circuit comedian ATM? What new comedians should we watch out for?

A) John Hastings. I think he's absolutely hilarious and could be on the brink of MUCH bigger things. I think Simon Wozniak is the new act to watch out for. If he can hone what he has, he'll be unstoppable.

Q) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A) Hopefully nearing the end of this Q&A.

Q) Do you have anything to promote?

A) BUY TICKETS FOR MY EDINBURGH SHOW PLEASE - Click Here & my Liverpool solo show below


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