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IllumiNaughty pres: Tokyo Rising at Troxy

IllumiNaughty pres: Tokyo Rising

  • Troxy London
  • Saturday 29th February 2020
  • Tokyo Rising is upon London! With an all-new lineup across a neon dystopia of far-east Asia, at IllumiNaughty Pres: Tokyo Rising
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    WHAT IS ILLUMINAUGHTY??? Merging Music, Arts & Performance to create a cutting- edge Psytrance Multi-Media ExtravaGanza Description Over the past seven years, IllumiNaughty’s assembly of committed musicians, performers and artistes, have worked tirelessly to produce one of the UK’s most ambitious and adventurous dance music events, described by many as an ‘experience’ rather than simply another club night. Constantly experimenting with innovative production, outstanding performance and bass heavy psy-trance, trance, breaks and electro, each IllumiNaughty Chapter has exploded onto the stage more breath taking than the last. Presenting an array of full energy, electronic dance music combined with circus performance, fire dancers, visuals and theatrics, IllumiNaughty has reshaped and redefined the club experience as we know it. ///GET INVOLVED/// illumiNaughty’s quest is to push the boundaries of partying beyond the predictable! Flouting conventions and in constant pursuit of the of the ultimate party experience, each event weaves a complex web of music, media, cabaret, circus and performance to leave crowds wide eyed, beaming and bemused. At the heart of the collective is a deep desire to immerse audiences into a chaotic and creative festival experience where anything goes. If you’d like to ‘get onboard’ and be part of our journey, then we want to hear from YOU! Whether it’s onstage or off-stage, we’re always looking for people to get involved. // DJs // Performers // Artists // VJs // Creators // Dancers // Dreamers // // Behind the Scenes // Volunteers // Promotions // So what are you waiting for?? Shout up and send the team an email: LOVE & CHAOS ILLUMINAUGHTY xxxx


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