Manchester Festivals

Parklife Festival 2023

Sat 10th Jun

Heaton Park, Manchester

Teletech Festival 2023

Sat 5th Aug

Bec Warehouse, Manchester

Rong Indoor Festival 2023

Sat 30th Sep

O2 Victoria Warehouse, Manchester

Damnation Festival

Fri 3rd Nov

Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester

Manchester Adored

Sat 14th Oct

Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester

The Kings of Amapiano Outdoor Festival

Sat 17th Jun

Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester

Ruf Dug,Sham Steele
Green Island Festival 2023 - Vol II

Sat 29th Jul

Hulme Community Garden Centre, Manchester

Green Island Festival 2023 - Vol I

Sat 17th Jun

Hulme Community Garden Centre, Manchester

Manchester Psych Festival

Sat 2nd Sep

Various Venues Around Manchester

Stu Allan Festival 2023

Sat 25th Nov

Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester

Riffolution Festival 2023

Fri 29th Sep

Manchester Academy

Sidewinder Old Skool Halloween Festival

Sat 28th Oct

Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester

Magic of Thailand Festival in Manchester

Sat 29th Jul

Platt Fields Park Platt Lane Manchester M14 5NF

Abnormal Sleepz,Atike
Green Island Festival 2023 - Vol III

Sat 9th Sep

Hulme Community Garden Centre, Manchester

Gin & Rum Festival

Fri 8th Sep

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Made Me Funky - Sugar Rush

Sat 16th Sep

Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester

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Caribbean Rocks Festival

Sat 1st Jul

Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester

Peppersoup Village Festival

Sat 26th Aug

117 Fairfield Street Manchester M12 6EL

Kole Coaches to Teletech On Saturday 5th August 2023

Sat 5th Aug

Teletech Festival, Manchester

Degree Show Afterparty at AATMA

Fri 9th Jun

Aatma, Manchester

Kole Coaches To WHP_MCR - Ben Hemsley - Friday 20th October

Fri 20th Oct

Depot (Mayfield), Manchester

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For The Culture Festival

Sat 19th Aug

Love Factory, Manchester

Sounds of the City

Wed 28th Jun

Castlefield Bowl, Manchester

Earl Sweatshirt
Outbreak Fest

Fri 23rd Jun

Depot (Mayfield), Manchester

Manchester events, clubs, gigs and what's on

Ah, Manchester! It's the capital of the north, the mother of the Madchester scene, and home to some of the greatest bands, rappers, singers, and artists on the planet. Why wouldn’t you want to check out a few festivals in Manchester? 

Whether you want to lose yourself in performances by the world’s biggest artists or discover your favourite new local artist in a legendary local venue, there are plenty of Manchester festivals to satisfy your needs.  

For example, there’s Parklife, the electronic, hip hop, indie, grime, and dance festival that holds 82,500 people per day in Heaton Park. On the other end of the scale, Manchester Psych Fest is a multi-genre festival that showcases atypical indie artists across some of the city’s most loved venues. 

With music as a huge part of Manchester’s DNA, there’s no better city to experience live music in. Check out some Manchester festivals now to find your new fave festival.