World Cup 2023 Screenings in Glasgow

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Every four years, 32 of the world's best football teams battle it out, attempting to secure a win for their country. Football fans from all corners of the globe travel to the host country to cheer on their team, scream with joy, and hold their head in their hands during intense penalty shootouts. 

But not all of us can just hop on a 6+ hour flight to support our team. And the atmosphere at home can be somewhat disappointing. So why not check out some Glasgow World Cup screenings instead? With an endless supply of beer, huge screens to catch every pass, dribble, and goal, and other impassioned fans to share it with, it’s going to be electric. 

Instead of cheering from your sofa, immerse yourself in the unrivalled atmosphere of a Glasgow World Cup fan park. It’s what you and the beautiful game deserve.