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Falmouth events, clubs, gigs and what's on

Looking for some killer Falmouth events to fill the weekend with thrills or for a cheeky mid-week pick-me-up? Look no further. In this lovely coastal town, you can discover live music, club nights, comedy, and so much more. 

Falmouth is home to some brilliant venues like the not-for-profit community arts space The Cornish Bank and Raze The Roof, which hosts children's events as well as adults-only nights with laser quest, VR games, and more.  If you’re in the mood for a drink or two, check out venues like Club International, Mangos, FIVES, Walkabout and Toast of Falmouth.

Don’t waste your valuable time sitting on the sofa rewatching the shows you’ve seen a million times. Explore our what's on in Falmouth guide now to discover the hottest events. From gigs and club nights to comedy clubs that leave your stomach feeling like you did an ab workout, there's so much out there.