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Jazz Café Camden is one of London's must iconic live music venues, and has played host to the likes of Cameo, Faithless, Bobby Womack, Grandmaster Flash and Alton Ellis to name but a few. With a capacity of 420 it is London's Premier intimate venue.

The original Jazz Cafe was founded by Jon Dabner and Jean Marshall in the 1980s in Newington Green, Stoke Newington, and moved to Camden Town in 1990.

Mean Fiddler took over bookings from 4 September 1992. In 2008 MAMA & Company acquired the Mean Fiddler Music Group and continued to operate the venue until it was purchased by The Columbo Group in early 2016.

Throughout its various owners the club has continued to showcase performers from the genres of neo-soul, hip hop, electronica, blues, world, reggae, Latin and soul, as well as providing a venue for new and established jazz artists. It has a capacity for 420 patrons and a first-floor restaurant.


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