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Thekla may just be one of the most interesting venues in the UK. It certainly hits top marks for uniqueness. The venue just happens to be on a boat. Built way back in 1958 as a coastal trading vessel for a German family, it was eventually abandoned after being left submerged in a dock in Sunderland for 7 years.

In the 80’s it was moved to its new home in Bristol and found a completely new purpose as a venue. Initially hosting theatre, cabaret and live music. Since then, Thekla has always followed the times, hosting the best in emerging genres from the 80’s to present day.

Thekla is the go-to place to find your new favourite band in a unique and intimate environment. It’s an absolutely iconic landmark within Bristol and there’s nowhere in the UK quite like it. Events at Thekla can have you seeing brilliant indie bands or indulging in small, underground club nights. Either way, it’s a special experience.

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