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Garage Nation have been going since 1997 which is a testament to the strength of the UK Garage scene. Within this time, it’s established itself into a world-renowned brand and has ran events up and down the UK, becoming a hugely respected name. They’ve even expanded outwards and put on shows in places such as Amsterdam and Ibiza.

Their Ibiza residencies have been known for throwing some brilliant events such as pool parties and Super Clubs. Their shows in the UK are equally as manic, known for an incredibly lively atmosphere with some superb stage performances.

The part that Garage Nation has played in the history of the genre in the UK is undisputable. With their events ranging into the thousands of attendees, they were even able to put on an outdoor festival in 2014 which was a great success. Garage Nation tickets are always in great demand so don’t sleep on any new event announcements!

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