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Ey Up Maiden at The Cart & Horses, London at Cart And Horses (Birthplace Of Iron Maiden)
Ey Up Maiden at The Cart & Horses, LondonSat 10th Aug7:30 pm - 11:45 pmCart And Horses (Birthplace Of Iron Maiden), London


Ey Up Maiden - The UK's Ultimate Iron Maiden Tribute Experience!

Born in Yorkshire, rocking all of Britain!

Ey Up Maiden are a troupe of die-hard heavy metal maniacs dedicated to delivering the electrifying experiences of Iron Maiden to every corner of the UK and beyond.

Celebrating timeless anthems from 'The Trooper' to 'Wasted Years', they fully encapsulate the unparalleled intensity of Maiden's world-renowned live shows. 

Their performances are a homage to the trailblazing British heavy metal that's captivated fans worldwide, served with a dash of that inimitable Yorkshire charisma!

Follow Ey Up Maiden for the latest on shows, friendly chats, and your all-access pass to all things Iron Maiden.

Scream for me, Yorkshire! Ey Up the Irons!

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