We Love 80's w/ Tony Hadley & Go West Festival

Sunday 2 June June, 2024

About We Love 80's

We Love The 80's bring Tony Hadley and special guests Go West to Maidstone's Mote Park to celebrate all things 80's.

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We Love 80's

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Sunday 2 June June, 2024

We Love 80's Location & Travel

We Love 80's Location & Travel

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We Love 80's FAQs

We Love 80's 2024 is tbc...

The main festival entrance will be situated opposite Mote Park Café, with Mote Park’s main entrance off Mote Avenue being the best way to access the site. 

Address: Mote Ave, Maidstone ME15 7RN.

No you unfortunately cannot leave and re-enter We Love 80's.

- No food and drink (except 1×500 bottle of water per person – MUST BE SEALED) is permitted to be brought into the event. There will be a variety of delicious food available for purchase inside the event, as well as fully stocked bars.

- The only animals that are permitted on site are registered guide dogs.

- You’re welcome to bring your own seating (folding, camping chairs) and blankets to sit on, however please be aware that these cannot be placed directly in front of the stage because it creates a hazard. You must be behind the barriers, which will be clearly signposted, otherwise you will be asked to move by security.

- You can bring a camera but it must not be used for commercial use unless given permission by the event organiser prior to the event.

- Cosmetics can be brought into the event, however please note that all glass vessels will be confiscated and will not be returned. Please leave all glass cosmetics at home.

We Love 80's are embracing a truly hassle-free experience as they implement a cashless system.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of buying and carrying tokens.

With the festival's new cashless cards, managing your money online prior to and at the event becomes effortless.


Stay in control of your spending by easily tracking your expenses and conveniently topping up on the go!


Tap and go to unlock a world of convenience at Summer Love!




Why have Summer Love gone cashless?


In the previous token system, there were no refunds for extra tokens and queuing was necessary to acquire them.

The new innovative cashless system offers you the convenience of topping up your funds both prior to and during the event, on the go!

We Love 80's cashless system, you can effortless receive a refund for any unused funds that you have previously topped up (if you created an account prior to your arrival).

Each customer will be searched and so too will their bags. There will be a zero tolerance approach implemented by the experienced and professional security team.

There will also be a medical area on site, where trained first-aides and paramedics will be available at any time.

The weather shouldn’t affect the festival too much because of the time of year, however the ground may become wet and soft, so if the weather up to and including the day of the festival is wet, we would advise wearing your wellies and waterproof jackets!