Manchester Academy

Manchester Reggae Festival

Saturday 30th July 2022

Manchester Academy in Manchester

No age restrictions

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About Manchester Reggae Festival 2022

Manchester Reggae Festival returns on Saturday 30th July for a multi-room festival at Manchester Academy 1,2 & Club Academy



Academy 1: The access area is a balcony at the rear of the venue with a clear glass barrier, with lift and stair access. If you require seating, this will be provided as a chair with a back.

Academy 2 and Club Academy: They have no specific viewing platforms/access areas. Depending on the space available, an area will be set out on the night at the front of the venue and explained to you on arrival. If you require seating, this will be provided primarily as a high stool or a chair with a back if otherwise requested.

We allow 1 guest to accompany you into the access area. If you are attending with more than 1 accompanying guest, their admission to the access area is subject to confirmation on the night of the event unless confirmed when applying for access.

Music genres: Reggae, Dub

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