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Saturday 20th August 2022


Minimum age: 18

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After the huge success of the elrow Town 2019 celebration, Rowgelia has been on quite the adventure. She has toured the four corners of the world with a circus troop through hot deserts lands, icy tundras, remote psychedelic communes... even lost seas! Inspired by her adventures she is bringing the best of the craziness back to elrow Town for this year’s UK edition. Enter the circus for 10 hours of non stop party.

The residents of elrow Town have been growing very excited as parades of colourful caravans full of crazy characters have begun to roll through the streets. There have been sightings of jugglers, tubers, yetis, fortune tellers, freaks, desert dwellers, hippies and bearded mermaids! The atmosphere is electric and anticipation is running high at the sight of the might big tops being erected.

But don’t worry the game hasn’t changed - it's just got way more loco. All the town favourites are set to return - Row-Oxford Academy, The Absolut Pink Cathedral, The Jail and the Foaming Fire Station will all be there waiting. But that's not all… our town planners have been very busy constructing some new landmarks in the town for revellers to come and explore.

Music genres: House, Techno, Tech House

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