Deer Shed Festival

Friday 21st July 2017

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Deer Shed takes place on 21th-23th July featuring a stunning lineup of music, arts & culture.

Theme: ‘The Wilderwild’ - A place shrouded in mystery and magic on the fringes of Baldersby Park; a place where nature has been left to its own devices for many years to form a wilderness filled with adventure, craft, and creativity for Deer Shedders to explore.

Disabled Access Information

Booking Access information - Personal Assistance Guest Ticket

If you are attending Deer Shed and are in receipt of DLA or PIP you can claim a guest ticket for your personal assistant, however you may be still eligible for a personal assistant if you have a debilitating condition. Email and request an access requirement form, as we can reserve you onsite priority parking and camping.

You will need to forward a copy of your DLA or PIP award letter and a copy of your festival ticket purchase email which you will have received from the ticket outlet company ticket script. Having received this the festival will send you an e-ticket for your Personal Assistance in June prior to the festival.

You will need to purchase any additional tickets for your party including Sunday Camping, Parking, Campervan tickets etc. through the website. If you have any other questions about accessibility issues at Deer Shed Festival drop us a line and have a chat.

Accessible Campsite And Car Park

Deer Shed Festivals car park and campsite are open from Friday 21th July at 10am, please show your requested accessible passes along with your blue badge to a one of our stewards or security members. They will then direct you to the designated deaf and disabled parking and camping area. The campsite manager will be briefed and a steward will be able to assist your arrival and set up of tents for the weekend.

Distance from parking area to: Accessible Campsite – 20m, Ticket Exchange – 80m, Entrance to Arena – 100m

If you are arriving to site via public transport or taxi please let us know prior to arrival so that alternative arrangements can be made. This also applies to taxis as they may waiver the accessible area if you have your blue badge and therefore an alternative can be used. Please email in advance if your taxi requires access to the Accessible Camping Area.

Deer Shed Festival takes place outdoors within 90 acres of grassed parkland and attracts approximately 10,000 people. Weather conditions will affect the overall state of the ground. It is particularly important for wheelchair users and those with mobility impairments to be aware that the main terrain at the festival is grassland. In the event of muddy land, efforts will be made to make this as accessible as possible with wood chip being placed at areas most effected, especially in to the main entrance of the arena.


All stewards/volunteers and security personal wearing yellow show sec uniform and those wearing bright coloured t-shirts with the Deer Shed Logo have been briefed on our facilities for people who have access requirements. Please ask them for any advice or help you may need over the weekend. If they can’t give you an exact answer they will be able to contact the specific person for your needs who will be able to help.

Wheel Chairs

If you require a power point for your transport over the weekend or any medical machine, a 13amp power socket will be available for battery re-charging, only viable for those camping in the accessible area. If this is a requirement, please notify us beforehand.


If the medication you require over the weekend requires refrigeration, please notify us prior to the weekend and make you're self-known to a member of the welfare team on your arrival. They will be located in the Welfare/ Information tent in the main arena. Medication will need to be well labelled and bagged so that it is clearly identifiable when put in the medication fridge compartment. Please be aware this fridge is not accessible to the public only to those who notify festival staff beforehand and is therefore only accessible via the welfare team. Please ask them if you wish to collect your medication at a certain time.


We do not have viewing platforms at Deer Shed however we are always looking to make indoor stages and our main stage increasingly accessible for our customers. Please notify a steward or member of security if you would like a suitable viewing point to improve your view of the show. Each Stage Manager will be briefed on this protocol and efforts will be made to make sure this is completed. Alternatively to the side of front of house in our indoor stages there will be a space set aside for those with access requirements, please notify a member of our stage management team at that specific tent if you would like to use this area.

Caravans and Campervans

There is a designated area for caravans/campervans these do not have hook ups, this area is not designed of those with access requirements as it is 300 metres away from the main arena.

Toilets and Showers

One disabled toileted will be located at each block of toilets onsite, there will also be one located next to the showers on the entrance to the arena specifically for those camping in accessible camping area. We do not have accessible showers that have the high standard of accessibility requirements needed, however please notify the shower attendant that you have accessible requirement’s as this will allow you to have as long as you need in the shower without a waiting time.

Strobe Lighting

Strobe lighting may be used at any time during the festival.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dog passes are welcome at Deer Shed Festival. Please let us know if you intend to bring an assistance dog before arrival using the form provided via email request. If this is the case, please make sure they are wearing the correct signage to identify their legitimacy on site.

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