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Blackthorn Proud To Bee Festival

Friday 14 - Sunday 16 June, 2024
Whitebottom Farm in Stockport

About Blackthorn Proud To Bee

Welcome to Blackthorn Proud to Bee, a multi-genre music festival that stands as a vibrant beacon of love, unity, and artistic freedom in a world where diversity is celebrated and embraced like never before. Join in on an exhilarating journey through music, where every note is a testament to the beauty of self-expression and acceptance.

With a diverse array of genres spanning from pop to indie to electronic and beyond, there's a sonic experience for everyone, bringing together both emerging and established artists who are not only incredibly talented but also share our commitment to celebrating Pride.

But Blackthorn Proud to Bee is more than just a festival; it's a melting pot of identities, a space where you can be your authentic self, and a canvas where love, acceptance, and creativity collide. As you dance beneath the open sky at Whitebottom Farm, you’ll be part of a community that celebrates diversity in all its forms.

Imagine yourself swaying to the melodies of indie rock, letting the infectious beats of electronic anthems move your body, or singing along to chart-topping pop hits, all in the same festival. Blackthorn Proud to Bee is where genres blend, boundaries disappear, and music becomes a universal language of love.

Our festival is not just about the music; it's about making lasting memories and forging connections with people who share your values. The atmosphere is electric with positivity and inclusivity, creating an environment where you can truly let your guard down and express yourself freely.

Ride the waves of love and music at Blackthorn Proud to Bee Festival – where every note is a testament to acceptance, unity, and the power of music and entertainment to bring us all together. 

So, mark your calendars for 14-16 June 2024 and prepare to ride the waves of love and music at the Blackthorn Proud to Bee Festival – Be Pride, Be Proud, Be at Blackthorn Proud to Bee. 

Blackthorn Proud to Bee, will be a safe place and a diverse community that supports the fight for inclusivity which needs to come from both within and outside the LGBTQ+ community – from all spheres of society We are committed to creating a safe & fun festival for the Pride Community and its allies.

In addition to the fantastic music lineup, Blackthorn Proud to Bee will also feature a diverse range of other artistic expressions. Special zones will be designated for acoustic performances, and you can stumble upon impromptu live art installations scattered throughout the festival grounds when you venture away from the stages. So, taking a leisurely stroll away from the primary performance areas might lead you to delightful surprises and encounters 

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Blackthorn Proud To Bee

Tom Zanetti / Louisa Johnson / Karen Harding / Anton Powers / N-Trance / Rak-Su / Billy Gillies / Gok Wan / Christina Novelli / CHRIS MOYLES / The Pale White / Andrew Cushin / Kimberly Wyatt / Mr Wilson's Second Liners / Rowetta / Ministry of Sound / Stephani B / Jess Kemp / Woody Cook / Emilia Quinn / Louis III / Banksie / Emelle / Just Chicken / Marple Vinyl Night DJs / Buckle & Bass / PJM Music / Aboutfaces / By The Waves / Foxgloves / Em/Elle / Don / Chris Moyles 90s Hangover / Elle Sax / The Pxssy Parlour / Gondolas / Classique / Out Of Orbit / McChicken / DJ Du Jour / Jev / Jimmy James / Lawrent / Kid Kyote / Kitty Velour / Sam Lavery / Hannah Boleyn / Dean McCollough / Bongos bingo / Miss Chief Cabaret

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Friday 14 - Sunday 16 June, 2024
Whitebottom Farm in Stockport

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Blackthorn Proud To Bee Location & Travel

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Blackthorn Proud To Bee FAQs

Blackthorn Proud to Bee 2024 is being held on 14th to 16th June 2024.

Blackthorn Proud to Bee calls the picturesque Whitebottom Farm home, situated through Etherow country Park, on the edge of the Pennines. Hugged by nature, it’s a little piece of heaven on earth yet only 25 minutes from the centre of Manchester.