Beats Per Minute: Skepsis chooses fifteen tracks ahead of his album launch party

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Bassline sensation, Skepsis joins us for a chat about his brand new album - 'Faith In Chaos' - and shares some of the tracks in his setlist ahead of his album launch party at Ministry of Sound London this Saturday

15th Oct 2021

South London bassline junkie and renowned dance floor destroyer, Skepsis rarely disappoints when it comes to producing the goods. Those who've had the pleasure of experiencing Skepsis live will tell you so themselves and with great enthusiasm, we might add.

Crafting high-powered, full-throttle bangers that turn nightclubs and festival tents inside from out, his robust back catalogue has attracted the attention of some of the biggest promoters and event names in the music world. From Glastonbury and Amnesia Ibiza to Coachella and Leeds Festival, the twenty-five-year-old DJ/producer has already conquered stages many could only hope to reach. And what's more, he's garnered millions of streams and thousands of fans along the way. Some good going for a self-taught producer. 

Now, the vibrant artist is setting out to break new ground, delivering his first full-length record. A fifteen-track, high-impact LP issued via the mighty Crucast label - Faith In Chaos. Offering a glimpse into what the future of bassline might hold, the genre-busting record takes dance music to a whole new level and has already had various well-known platforms across the internet buzzing with excitement. 

In celebration of the new album - released at the beginning of the month - Skepsis will head up a special album launch show at Ministry of Sound London on Saturday 16th October, alongside the likes of DJ Q, Jamie Duggan, Window Kid, Royal_T and more.

Ahead of this weekends launch party, Skepsis graciously found the time to squeeze in a quick chat, discussing the new record and his ambitions for 2022. He also curated a special Beats Per Minute playlist, featuring some of the tracks he intends to play live at this Saturday's event. 


Listen to the Skepsis Beats Per Minute playlist below, and get excited about his HUGE album launch party!





You’ve just unleashed your first full-length record on the world, ‘Faith In Chaos’ via influential imprint, CruCast. Comprised of fifteen club-ready weapons, the album features some high profile collaborations with the likes of Bru C and Kanine. How did these collaborations come about?

"Most of the features on the album, especially the aforementioned pair, are actually close friends of mine – so working with them came very naturally. I love collaborating with like-minded people, and I find this is one of the best ways to learn new production techniques and knowledge. Also included on there are fellow Crucast member Window Kid, legendary MCs Scrufizzer and Jammz, plus loads more."


(This embedded post has since been removed)


What inspired you to produce and put out an album, and what’s the significance of the title of the record?

"For the past few years, I always wanted to put out an album, but up until recently I just didn’t feel ready. I wanted to improve my production level and widen my horizons in terms of producing multiple genres, and I feel like this is a good showcase of that. The title is based on the fact that the majority of the record was written over lockdown – a time of great uncertainty, but it was the thought of putting out this bigger project that got me through the darkest days. I saw the name Faith In Chaos online somewhere, and it just stuck with me."



You’ve got a HUGE album launch party coming up at London’s Ministry of Sound nightclub, which will see you performing live amongst some noteworthy names - the likes of DJ Q, Jamie Duggan, Window Kid and Royal_T. In addition to hearing the new record in all its glory, what can attendees expect from this gathering?

"I’m nervous and excited for this one in equal measures – the biggest headline show of my career, and in my hometown! As well as a huge supporting lineup, I have a load of unannounced special guests coming through on my set to give the night an extra dimension.

"Don’t miss out on it - Saturday 16th October!"



You’re currently out on the road and just over halfway through a monster thirty-two-date tour of the UK and Europe. Have there been any particularly insane shows on the journey thus far? Any wild stories you can share? An are there any upcoming dates on the tour you’re especially looking forward to?

"Going back to touring after 18 months of sitting inside was a shock for sure, but I’m absolutely loving being on the road again. I think during the pandemic we really lost that social aspect that human beings need – and to see it again in its rawest form truly is something special. I do have a few wild stories, not sure how suitable they are for this interview. I look forward to every show, to be honest, so grateful to be able to do what I love full time!"



We’ve tasked you with creating a fifteen track Beats Per Minute playlist, featuring some of the records bass fans can expect to hear within your live sets this year. Apart from your own, if you choose only three records to play live for the rest of the year, which would pick and why?

"I hope you enjoy this playlist, containing tracks from both myself and other talented bass music producers. My three essentials for the rest of 2021 are Skepsis & FineArt – 'With U', Skepsis, Kanine & Takura – 'Again' and 'Zero' – Pay for Thrills VIP"



As always, we’re eager to learn of and discover new music. Are there any emerging producers or groups that have caught your attention recently?

"Some of my favourite producers I’ve discovered recently are KDYN, Michael Sparks and Knock2 – make sure you check them out for high energy bangers."



And finally, what are your plans and goals for 2022? Where would you like to see yourself this time next year? And is there anything in the pipeline you can exclusively share with Skiddle?

"To be honest, I’ve been so focused on my album that I haven’t had much chance to think about next year. I have a collaboration EP on the way with a talented artist, and perhaps a remix album at some point too. I’m currently enjoying the ride though, and hope it always continues this way."



Tickets for the Skepsis album launch party at Ministry Sound London this Saturday can be found below...



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