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Macka B 'Health is Wealth Tour' at Exeter Pheonix

Macka B 'Health is Wealth Tour'

  • Exeter Pheonix Devon
  • Friday 12th October
  • British reggae star Macka B will be coming to Exeter as part of his run of dates across the UK
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    about Macka B
    Christopher MacFarlane, better known as Macka B, is a British reggae artist, performer and activist with a career spanning thirty years in the United Kingdom and Jamaica.rnrnAs a practising Rastafari, Macka B's music is based around the political and spiritual message of the religion, with an often light and humorous touch. Working with the Mad Professor, he combined dancehall and dub styles of reggae, although has avoided a more commercial crossover approach.


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      Macka B 'Health is Wealth Tour' (12th October)

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