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Arthur  at Keith's Wine Bar


  • Keith's Wine Bar Liverpool
  • Thursday 24th October
  • Live comedy and poetry | featuring 3 comedians (Tom Sullivan, Kat Molinari) 2 poets (Gerry Clarkson, Beth Rose)
    Valdora Vintage jazz with a Modern twist at The Philharmonic Pub

    Valdora Vintage jazz with a Modern twist

    • The Philharmonic Pub Liverpool
    • Friday 25th October
    • Valdora sings vintage jazz with a modern twist
      Herbivore at Keith's Wine Bar


      • Keith's Wine Bar Liverpool
      • Thursday 7th November
      • So we continue to discover more about Lark Lane, come to find out before the Tea House, it was home to a herbalist. But Back to the show
        memoires of Lark Lane  at Keith's Wine Bar

        memoires of Lark Lane

        • Keith's Wine Bar Liverpool
        • Thursday 21st November
        • We all have different memories of the changing faces of our favourite. Keep discovering new talents, making new friends and see you soon.
          Richard Dawson at Studio 2 Parr Street

          Richard Dawson

          • Studio 2 Parr Street Liverpool
          • Saturday 23rd November
          • Richard Dawson returns to Liverpool with a new LP!
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            • Richard Dawson

              Next Playing At:
              Richard Dawson (23rd November)

              Richard Dawson Richard Dawson
            • Benjamin Zephaniah

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              Benjamin Zephaniah & The Revolutionary Minds (28th November)

              Benjamin Zephaniah Benjamin Zephaniah

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