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cp2 at Milo Lounge


  • Milo Lounge Liverpool
  • Thursday 27th September
  • few months ago now, whilst in the lab, experimenting with names for this gig. CP2 stood up and said 'pick me or I'd walk'. Had no choice really
    White Coats at Milo Lounge

    White Coats

    • Milo Lounge Liverpool
    • Thursday 11th October
    • Live Comedy and poetry featuring 2 comedians, 2 poets and headline by White Coats
      IQ at Milo Lounge


      • Milo Lounge Liverpool
      • Thursday 25th October
      • Live Comedy, music and poetry headline by imrpovised comedy sketch group Improquo
        8 at Milo Lounge


        • Milo Lounge Liverpool
        • Thursday 8th November
        • Live Comedy, music and poetry from unsung comedians, musicians and performance poets
          The conversation  at Milo Lounge

          The conversation

          • Milo Lounge Liverpool
          • Thursday 22nd November
          • Live comedy and poetry featuring 5 comedians and 1 musician, headline by comedian Barrie Heap
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            elizabethmurphy11 just bought RapidScan tickets for the open (comedy) on the 13th Sep 2018
            13th Sep 02:22pm
            elizabethmurphy11 just bought tickets for: the open (comedy) on the 13th Sep 2018
            13th Sep 02:22pm
            13th Sep 02:22pm
            MariaFallon just bought RapidScan tickets for Christmas Jumper 2018 on the 6th Dec 2018
            11th Sep 05:20pm

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