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ImproMagic at Milo Lounge


  • Milo Lounge Liverpool
  • Thursday 26th April
  • Could it be magic? Could it improvised comedy? - Live comedy and music featuring 3 comedians, 2 musicians and headline ImproQuo
    Retrouvaille at Milo Lounge


    • Milo Lounge Liverpool
    • Thursday 10th May
    • fans of Stig and the police would love this headliner -Live Comedy and music featuring 5 comedians and headline by musician Simon Mckelvie
      24.5 Sian at Milo Lounge

      24.5 Sian

      • Milo Lounge Liverpool
      • Thursday 24th May
      • Sound like something from Sci-fi, it could be. To us its live Comedy and poetry featuring, 3 comedians 2 poets and headline by comedian Sian Davies
        Burn and Ash at Milo Lounge

        Burn and Ash

        • Milo Lounge Liverpool
        • Thursday 7th June
        • Live Comedy featuring 4 comedians and double headliners from Ash Preston and Che Burnley.
          Music and Comedy  at Milo Lounge

          Music and Comedy

          • Milo Lounge Liverpool
          • Thursday 21st June
          • Live Comedy and music, headline by improvised comedy group ImproQuo and musician Karen Turley
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            A group for all the Live events that Liverpool Acoustic runs - Liverpool Acoustic Live & Liverpool Acoustic eXtra - and the other events we take part in


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