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JOOF Editions at The Arch

JOOF Editions

  • The Arch Brighton
  • Saturday 22nd February
  • JOOF Editions Grum / John 00 Fleming / Paul Thomas / Markus Saarländer /
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    about J00F Editions

    JOOF Editions is the brainchild of DJ and Producer, John 00 Fleming. His frustration at the state of the scene over the past few years has been apparent in his regular blogs, but rather than sitting back to watch the collapse of underground, specialist club nights which he dearly loves, he has decided to take action.

    The goal of JOOF Editions is to distance the underground from the commercial, and to allow specialist DJs and live acts to breath again. In what has become an era of celebrity DJ culture, true music, its fans, and new talent have become disconnected. JOOF Editions lives to reconnect it, and re-ignite what drew clubbers in from the very beginning.


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