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Bedlam Reunion  at Garlands

Bedlam Reunion

  • Garlands Liverpool
  • Monday 22nd April
  • After 5 years away Bedlam is back to make some more memories
    Stardust at Garlands


    • Garlands Liverpool
    • Saturday 29th June
    • Stardust Returns With Another Night Of Disco Utopia With Dr Packer, Late Nite Tuff Guy + A Very Special Guest!
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      about Garlands

      Glitz and glamour in Liverpool. An original gay club, which then burnt down and reopened a few years back, this has grown into a superclub of Liverpool. This is more mixed than specifically gay these days, although the queue meanders down the street and becomes a dazzling trail of girls on a night out, young gay lads, straight fashionable boys and drag queens. Inside, the music thumps and the dancefloor is one heaving mass of partygoers.


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