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Its the simple Chibuku good times philosophy that has helped to put Liverpool clubbing back on the map, bringing the underground party vibe through to an essentially starved clubland that needed something special to create the spark that had for some time been lost. Chibuku was born from wanting to put on good parties for cool people, and since the nights inception at the intimate Lemon Lounge it has gone on to establish and consolidate an unprecedented level of success.

Careful and measured DJ choice combined with the hard work of the promoters and all involved means that Chibuku now thrives and continues to grow and evolve, and the measured expansion is seeing link-ups with other club nights around the country and beyond that hold similar values and many are heralding this as the most important year so far for the club

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JackHoward has joined the Chibuku Shake Shake group
7th Oct 07:55am
JackHoward just bought RapidScan tickets for Rejekt - Rich Nxt (Fuse London), Dragosh (Desolat), Iain Taylor on the 16th Nov 2018
7th Oct 07:55am
17th May 10:39pm
ChloeCawood is going to Hive Mentality LAUNCH PARTY: Dub 2 Jungle on the 17th May 2018
17th May 09:49pm

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