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Secret Symphony presents Interstellar at Lincoln Cathedral

Secret Symphony presents Interstellar

  • Lincoln Cathedral Lincoln
  • Saturday 26th February 2022
  • Secret Symphony presents Inter Stellar at Lincoln Cathedral! You don't want to miss this!
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    about Secret Symphony

    Secret Symphony have pleasure in announcing that we will be returning to St. Editha's Church (following our show in 2016 to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday) and will be presenting a show to commemorate the ending of WWI & celebrate Womens Empowerment on Saturday 13th October.

    There will be 2 Shows, An afternoon matinee at 3pm and and an Evening show at 7pm, the show is open to all ages !
    Make sure you purchase the right tickets for the show you wish to attend !

    We are also extremely excited to have our friends at Tamworth Street Eats and Beats set up outside the Church for pre show, interval and post show street food, beverages and entertainment till late into the evening !

    You are also permitted to take alcohol into the church to drink responsibly whilst watching the Orchestral spectacular !