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The Seventh Wave is a radio show that is dedicated to electronic music both young and old. Being broadcast over on Mixcloud every month, they cover every wage of electronic music imaginable, exploring the sounds of Cabaret Voltaire, Boards Of Canada, Michael Cretu and more. When not sending their shows over the airways they’re putting on events in London and Birmingham.

Sticking to their roots they select a range of weird, wonderful and intricate artists to show you. It’s a carefully curated mix of artists that have only been selected due to the evident quality that these electronic music lovers see.

So, if you’re a fan of all things electronic then The Seventh Wave events are probably for you. You can certainly trust this group of key tastemakers within the genre to showcase some of the most exciting acts and put on night’s that not only let the talent take to the stage but engage in conversation around their craft too.

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