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Taking you on a unique tour of Liverpool. Discover - Support - Love

Breaking free from the Chain Gangs, Independent Liverpool is about linking up all those little places that fill life's little spaces. Funny how many of us go travelling all around the world, yet how often do any of us take the time or trouble to do our exploring closer to home?

Sure too, don't we all know that it's the little things that mark a moment, make a difference, that make you smile... The big idea of Independent Liverpool is to explore what the city has to offer, from the less well-known to the best kept secret gems that deserve a place in your heart. We're looking beyond the uniform. And the uniforms. We're searching for somewhere different, something unique, just like you, for you.

Our website sets out to showcase and highlight the diversity of taste and talent of the individual and the independent places that abound in the city if you care to take a delve a little deeper and take a walk around the corner of your eye. The aim is to show there's more than just One Liverpool... so don't just follow us, join us to help keep our city heart beat.

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