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It is Elrow season! That’s right the never-ending carnival of madness will be doing quite a few stops this summer. Who can blame them? They must be desperate to see people after such a long absence and they will be stopping off in Liverpool to give you the party that you all deserve.

So get on board, as a night full of phenomenal house music and extraordinary celebrations are on the way. Elrow has been setting the standard for raves now for a couple of decades and the brand has grown and grown in strength. With residencies in Ibiza and Barcelona, they swept the globe and inevitably ended up in the UK.

Now there are hardly any places the brand can’t reach from spontaneous, unforgettable club nights to holding a presence at festivals such as Glastonbury. There’s no doubt that Elrow can only be associated with one thing. World class parties that you cannot afford to miss.

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