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Established in 1994 and hosted by Stevie & Del; Club Manchester is an indie-dance theme night that is one of the longest running nightclub events in the UK. Second Saturday of the month, every month, @ The Record Factory, Glasgow. Last Saturday of the month, every month, @ The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh. Guest DJs & bands over the years have included: Mani, Tim Burgess, Peter Hook, Dave Booth, Clint Boon, Shaun Ryder, Bez, Rick Witter, Stereo MC's, John Power, Northside, Jez & Andy Williams (Doves), Chris Helme, Tom Hingley & many, many more. We have a very open music policy and mix-up all sorts of things with the classic sounds of the Manchester era. If you are old enough to remember it, then you are old enough to know that it was a scene all about an open-minded attitude. We would appreciate if people respected that both on this page and at the club nights. We have never made any claims to be anything more than what we are. We don't make outlandish claims about authenticity, steal others publicity materials, buy Facebook likes, piggy-back events onto other promoter's successes nor moan at anyone playing non-Manc tunes at our events (Hooky spent the night playing Swedish House Mafia). So, we'll leave it up to you to make your minds up about who is and who isn't...we're pretty sure we were the only folk (possibly in the world) doing baggy nights in 1997, still in 2007 and still in 2017. We could have easily trademarked the brand, taken the club to every city in the UK (and even gone continental), gone into gig promotion in a bigger way or even used this as a platform to sell sh*tty quality rip-off merchandise; but we chose not to for our own reasons. Feel free to have a pop; the facts speak for themselves. "It's not where you're from, it's where you're at."

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