For The Love Of Sc-Fi festival

Saturday 3 - Sunday 4 December, 2016
From £15.00 / person

Saturday 3 - Sunday 4 December, 2016
From £15.00 / person

For The Love Of Sc-Fi

About For The Love Of Sc-Fi

The world’s premier Sci-Fi event hits the B.E.C Arena Manchester, making it a bumper Christmas for you and your family over the weekend of 3rd & 4th December 2016, open daily 9am-7pm.

Tickets for Saturday are selling quickly and Saturday is now nearing capacity. It is advised to buy tickets now as there could potentially be another price increase even if the tickets do not sell out.

Full weekend tickets are also still available for those of you that want to make a weekend of it. Tickets can be purchased here:-

Here is what you can expect on the day:


Confirmed attending guests:

Dirk Benedict (Battlestar Galactica & A-Team)
Michael Biehn (Alien & Terminator)
Herbert Jefferson Jnr (Battlestar Galactica & Star Trek)
Sylvester McCoy (Dr Who & The Hobbit)
David Warner (Star Trek & Planet Of The Apes)
Miriam Margoyles (Harry Potter)
Mark Ryan (Transformers)
Patricia Quinn (Rocky Horror)
Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf)
Jon Campling (Harry Potter & Final Fantasy)
Kevin Hudson (Dr Who)
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (Blanc/Biehn Movie Productions)
Steven Wickham (Red Dwarf & Doctor Who)

Sunday Only Guests

Matt Zimmerman (Thunderbirds)
Jeremy Wilkin (Thunderbirds)
Shane Rimmer (Thunderbirds)

Tickets are on sale in advance for guest autographs and photographs. You can buy autographs and photos on the day, but some actors may sell out especially photographs so it is advisable to buy in advance. Anyone who has purchased an autograph ticket will get priority queuing over people paying on the day. Each actor will have two sides to their queue, a ticket side and a paying side, tickets will always have priority. We have a specialist team taking guest photos. When your photo is taken, you will receive a ticket which you will take to a designated photo collection point. It will be printed off inside a frame within minutes. You can have as many of your friends and family in the photo as you please.

To buy these tickets visit :-

Project Prime

This is your chance to have a conversation with Optimus Prime the leader of the Autobots. Fans will be allowed one by one to approach Optimus and speak to him. There will be no extra charge for this. He will have full facial movement and his head will move freely. On a giant LED wall behind Prime, you will be able to see what Optimus is seeing, a quite exhilarating experience. Next year we will move onto building his entire body when fully complete Prime will stand 32ft tall and will have full movement from the waist upwards.

The head will be created first, and will include the following key features;

• Full Size Optimus Prime Resin Head based on a 32ft Size character
• Custom painted Head to match movie Version effects
• Animatronic Features on central face (Speech movements)
• Animatronic Eyelids
• Animatronic Eyes (Blue iris and Outer Led blue Glow)
• Built-in Wireless Eye Cameras
• Four Spinning parts on side of head
• Loudspeaker for voice (fitted inside head)
• Custom made Black Control box (will hold all electronics)
• Custom Prime Laptop for customising all primes functions
• Moveable neck functions for when its fitted on upper body
• Full Robotic Voice recognition Micro-controller. Battle-Mode two guards slide out to cover Primes mouth
• Full movie spoken voice module (Movie voice recordings) We will fit as many sensors and modules into his head to create a full Optimus prime experience, the robotic microcontroller will be able to respond to spoken phrases, you can also create more movement from the remote activation keypad that will activate his other functions on the lower body when it’s finished (lights, tyre’s spinning, hands etc)

This attraction will be unveiled to the public on Saturday 3rd at 10am by Transformers supremo Simon Furman, the voice of Bumbleebee Mark Ryan, and robots in disguise artists Geoff Senior, Lee Sullivan, Staz Johnson, Mike Collins

ABC Warrior - Peach Trees

Our ABC war robot will be built, to the same visual detail as he appeared in the 1995 Judge Dredd movie.

Our version will have many moving features driven by many linear/pneumatic actuators and motors, these will be controlled by his microcontrollers, which can be accessed from the back of his head like the movie.

ABC Features:

Full size resin ABC robot armour and body
Fully animatronic head
Spoken phrases from the 1995 movie
Opening rear head panel ‘’access to internal electronics’’
Realistic special effect features
Moving shoulder armour plates
Waist movement
Glowing eyes
Motion sound effects
Realistic rust effect paintwork

If that wasn’t enough for you Dredd fans, we have also added the largest collection of Judge Dredd screen used movie props in the U.K. - and possibly the world!

The centrepiece of the Andy Mansion Collection is Judge Dredd's Lawmaster bike (ridden by Karl Urban in the 2012 movie 'Dredd'). Alongside it, there are hundreds of other items from screen used Lawgiver guns, full Judges uniforms, costumes from all the main characters and hundreds of other items including a Land Rover taxi (from the 1995 Stallone movie 'Judge Dredd').

All these items will be displayed on and around a life-size recreation of part of Peach Trees - the location of most of the action in the 'Dredd' movie.

Dobby - Hagrid’s Hut

Dobby will appear at the event inside Hagrid's Hut, where guests can come and meet him for magic lessons and historical facts about the harry potter world.

He will be sculpted from film footage and made to be an ultra-realistic version of the movie character. This character will have realistic eyes and speech effects to make meeting him feel like a real experience.

Dobby character features:

Ultra-realistic silicone skin
Movie matching clothes ; Rags and harry potters sock’
Spoken phrases from the harry potter films

Power Loader – Sulaco Hanger

The Loader will be standing in the Sulaco hanger. We have researched every archive document and footage from the original movie version, to re-create the most accurate and realistic looking power loader to date.

Our loader will allow a person to climb inside and operate the loader arms, claws and special effects features for a more personal experience. There will be a charge on the day of £10 to climb inside and operate the loader.

The loaders legs will be static, allowing for safe weight distribution when operating the heavy arms.

The Loader will be a large realistic working machine with all solid parts crafted by hand.

Loader Features:

Access to hand controls
Pull down locking cage
Safety harness
Top light
Sound effects for movement
Realistic welder with effects

The Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra (PSO)

We are delighted to announce the confirmed times the orchestra will be playing. They will perform on Saturday and Sunday at 12.30pm and 4pm. The playlist will include:

Star Wars
Back To The Future
Harry Potter
Star Trek Into The Darkness
Jurassic Park

Worth the entrance fee alone, the orchestra is one of the key features of our event, the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end as you listen to the most iconic sci-fi themes in history.

See the orchestra here:-

DeLorean - Hill Valley

The DeLorean time machine is a fictional automobile-based time travel device featured in the Back to the Future franchise. In the feature film series, Dr. Emmett Brown builds a time machine based on a DeLorean DMC-12 car, to gain insights into the history and the future. Instead, he ends up using it to travel over 130 years of Hill Valley history (from 1885 to 2015) with Marty McFly to change the past for the better and to undo the negative effects of time travel.

The DeLorean is in a Hill Valley set build among other props including the Lyons estate gates, clock tower, the clock from BTTF3, and gravestone.

Optimus Prime Truck Mode

A Peterbilt 379 used in Transformers to portray Optimus Prime's alternate mode. An awesome vehicle to view up close and personal.

Bumblebee - Yellow/Black Chevrolet Camaro 2013

Chevrolet's Camaro is arguably the most famous vehicle of modern Hollywood films. The iconic car from the Transformers film franchise with its yellow bodywork and black stripes is instantly recognisable by fans of sci-fi and movies, as well as generally being an eye-catching vehicle when just being driven from place to place.

Beaterbee - Yellow/Black Chevrolet Camaro 1977

Beaterbee, who is the battered 1977 Camaro which is Sam Witwicky's first car. This is the version of Bumblebee before he 'Transforms' into the modern 2013 Camaro.

G1 VW Beetle

The VW Beetle is the first incarnation of Bumblebee (also known as Generation 1) from the classic 80's cartoon version of Transformers. Our VW Beetle is a 1972 Beetle loving restored and painted to match the cartoon version.

Barricade - Black & White Police Saleen S281 Mustang 2007

Saleen's S281 Mustang is Bumblebees arch nemesis. The evil Decepticon takes the form of one of the most trusted vehicle forms by imitating a Police car. Barricade has a cult following as well as admirers from the younger generation and is especially a hit with the ladies, everyone loves a bad guy.


Meet Bumblebee in battle mode. Fully interactive experience.

Knight Rider - Kitt

KITT is the short name of two fictional characters from the adventure TV series Knight Rider. While having the same acronym, the KITTs are two different entities: one known as the Knight Industries Two Thousand, which appeared in the original TV series Knight Rider, and the other as the Knight Industries Three Thousand, which appeared first in the two-hour 2008 pilot film for a new Knight Rider TV series and then the new series itself. In both instances, KITT is an artificially intelligent electronic computer module in the body of a highly advanced, very mobile, robotic automobile: the original KITT as a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am featured at the event

Jurassic Park Jeep

Great photo opportunity with the jeep from Jurassic park

A-Team Van

The 1983 black and metallic grey GMC Vandura van used by the A-Team, with its characteristic red stripe, black and red turbine mag wheels, and rooftop spoiler, has become an enduring pop culture icon. The GMC Vandura used on the A-Team movie was also on display at the 2010 New York International Auto Show.

Don't miss a picture opportunity of a lifetime by getting a photo with the Face aka Dirk Benedict at the event.

Mad Max Interceptor

The V8 Interceptor, also known as a Pursuit Special, is driven by Max Rockatansky at the end of Mad Max and for the first half of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. It is based on a 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT coupe, which was modified to become a police interceptor by the Main Force Patrol.


Our Tardis is a full-size replica complete with blue flashing beacon and woo woo sound effect. It stands at over 9 feet tall and is 4 feet 2-inch square weighing approximately 400kg.


Our Cyberman is a detailed replica of the 80s Earthshock Cyberman and stands at 6.5 feet tall. He is a static prop and sets the scene well for a battle against his Dalek nemesis. 

He recently appeared on the BBC One Show alongside the new Doctor Who.

Dalek Black

Dalek black is a replica NSD Dalek and was built from original plans over a 9 month period, he is a replica of Sec the Dalek leader who is the only black NSD Dalek. He is fully motorised and controlled by the operator who sits inside. 

He is equipped with a red laser gun which places a target on his enemy, he also has an illuminated blue eye stalk and blue LED lighting fitted beneath his base to simulate elevation. He speaks with a number of phrases and can play a number of Dr Who theme tunes.

Dalek Gold

Dalek gold is a replica NSD Dalek and was built in 2005 from original plans the build time was in excess of 400 hours, he has evolved over the years to be fully radio controlled, he has a neon gun which illuminates orange, blue LED eye stalk and can play a number of messages and DR Who theme tunes. He has made many appearances at events including appearing in the BBC children in need studios.

Dalek Grey

Dalek grey is a genuine BBC licenced Dalek manufactured under licence by Planet Earth, he is an original 70s design Genesis Dalek he is a static prop although may be automated in the near future.


The EventCam360 camera system is a new and exciting way to capture those special moments. It’s fun, exciting and great for sharing pictures. With its multi-camera system, EventCam360 creates a unique 3D image which can be displayed on numerous media devices – computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. We will have a variety of sci-fi related backdrops to choose from. This will be charged at just £10.


E.T - Forest

When you visit E.T you will see him in the forest. We are currently constructing his spaceship, you will also see one of his friends stood at the top of the doorway beckoning E.T to come home. Also on display on the forest floor will be E.T device which he made to phone home and his iconic BMX.

We will let fans one at a time walk up to E.T, speak to him for a short period, and E.T will give you a hug goodbye. He will say all the famous phrases from the film, this will be a magical experience.

E.T Will be a fully animatronic silicone character with ultra-realistic eyes. He will have a full resin under-skull to hold all his electronics

Features will include:

Full facial movements
Head movements
Neck extending and lowering movement
Spoken phrases from the original movie
Glowing chest
Hands and arm movement
Forward walking movement
Glowing finger with sound
Full ultra-realistic silicone skin
Ultra-realistic custom made animatronic eyes
Flower pot with flowers


Children’s entertainment

Throughout the day we will be providing extra entertainment for your children with stage shows and entertainers. We also have several bouncy castles, and on Saturday we are bringing in a live reindeer and elf to continue the festive vibe. We will also be screening movies on a giant screen. This will also be a seating area to relax and grab a hot or cold drink.

Autistic Friendly Dome

If all the excitement gets a little too much for you or your child with the noise and crowds, we have hired in an inflatable dome with comfy seating and bean bags for them to relax and calm down. We will also upon request get a costume group member to meet the children on their own in the dome away from the hustle and bustle. We are an autistic friendly event and know how easy it is for some children and adults to experience sensory overloads.

Cosplay Changing Domes & Cloakroom

We have hired in two inflatable domes to allow people to get changed, a separate changing area for males and one for females. A cloakroom is also provided for valuables, to allow cosplayers to be able to freely walk around the venue in costume. The cloakroom will be charged at £2 and is located adjacent to the changing domes. 

Our team of judges will be patrolling the venue looking for the best-dressed cosplayer. The winner will be made our mascot for a week, and receive an array of goodies from our merchandise stalls and free entry for them and 3 friends to all our events in 2017.


A face painting station will be located in this area with a specialist lead artist who has some exceptional designs ready for the event.


Traders & Merchandise Stalls

An array of traders and merchandise stalls selling everything from vintage toys to American sodas and Xmas treats.


We have several artists who will be painting live at the event. They will be painting one of the guests at the event and will be getting the painting authenticated and signed by the guest. The paintings will be available to buy on the day if you can arrange a price with the artist!

Comic Guests

Comic guests will be sketching and drawing for fans for the full weekend. We have some very high profile comic artists attending from all over the world. This include:

Carlos Ezquera (Judge Dredd, 2000AD, Strontium Dog)
John Wagnor (Judge Dredd, 2000AD, Strontium Dog)
Mike McKone (Ant-Man, JLA, Exiles, Teen Titans, Fantastic Four, Avengers)
Will Simpson (Game Of Thrones)
Geoff Senior (Transformers)
Kev Hopgood (Transformers, Iron Man)
Lee Sullivan (Transformers, Dr Who, Thunderbirds)
Simon Furman (Transformers, Alpha Flight She-Hulk)
Ian Richardson (2000 AD, Halo)
Nigel Parkinson (The Beano, The Dandy)
Nika Nartova (The Beano, The Dandy)
Mike Collins (Dr Who, X-Men, Transformers)
Diego Galindo (Army of Darkness, Red Sonja)
Staz Johnson (Transformers, Batman/Aliens, Catwoman, Robin, Vikings)
Sergio Mora (Medikidz)
Nacho Tenorio (Dark Shadows, Army of Darkness)


Up the stairs to the side of the information desk in the main foyer, you will find the entrance to the world famous Cantina, which will be open to the public for the first time this year. You will see the attention to detail immediately as you walk into the bar. Look out the windows and you will see the desert with alien life and activity. The dimly lit tavern with intricate archways and entrances will make you feel like you are a million miles away from home. Stage 3 of the Cantina build is now complete and this will be a hive of excitement with alien cosplay and a mouth watering cocktail menu. Full drinks list coming soon.

We will be having our festive Xmas afterparty in the Cantina bar on Saturday night with live DJ and guests. We will continue the festivities when the convention closes at 7pm, through to 1am, and if enough people want us to stay open even later! These tickets are available for an extra £5 and are almost now sold out. Click here to buy:-

The Cantina is a functioning bar and is on the first floor. Sadly the venue does not have elevators so the cantina is not accessible. HOWEVER, we will do everything we can to help disabled people up the stairs including those in wheelchairs if they sign a disclaimer to say this is done at their own risk and liability.


A full outdoor fairground with rides and fairground stalls will be outside the main entrance. Fairground rounds are operated on a cash basis paid directly to the operators. We also have a variety of catering units serving everything from pizza to crepes with a festive vibe.


“Café at the end of the universe” will serve sci-fi inspired burgers and snacks in our indoor burger bar. For full menu visit the website catering section here:-

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