Clubland On The Beach festival

Friday 6th August 2021

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Minimum age: 18

About Clubland On The Beach festival 2021

Clubland returns to the beautiful setting of Redcar after another epic sell out show last year.
4 years on, Clubland On The Beach is the most anticipated event of the summer, with over 3,000 people descending on the small town of Redcar to light up the stage with iconic club bangers from some of the world’s most loved DJs.
Makina dance brand Monta Musica return for a third year, hosting another incredible arena as they gear up to give clubbers the very best of their definitive sound.
Brand new to the beach, the I AM RAVER arena is set to take Clubland On The Beach to the next level, with a special guest headliner yet to be announced.
This full festival experience is complete with huge main stage, lights & SFX production, as well as a mini-festival village with food and drink vendors, official merchandise, funfair and much, much more.
For those who want to go hard and not go home, check out the afterparty - limited tickets available.
It’s time to do it all over again. Bring your flip flops, friends and glowsticks for another unforgettable year.

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Basshunter LIVE / Love Inc LIVE / Hixxy / Ultrabeat / Flip & Fill

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