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Thursday 16th - Sunday 19th July 2020

Benicassim Festival Site in Benicassim, Castello

No age restrictions

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Benicassim Festival Site

Benicassim, Castello,
Benicassim, Castello

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Travel to/from Benicāssim

Benicāssim is held at Benicassim Festival Site. The address of Benicassim Festival Site is Benicassim, Castello, Benicassim, Castello.

Benicassim is easy to get to from different locations in Spain. The closest airport is Valencia which is only a 30-40 minute drive from the site. Barcelona is a 2.5 - 3 hour drive from the site, or the rail network from Madrid is an excellent option as it only takes 1 hour.

The venue is located on road N-340, kilometer 986,300.

Exit 12 km north of Castellón

From Barcelona: Highway AP-7, exit 45

From Valencia: Highway AP-7, exit 46

Coordinates: 40.048068N, 0.047872E.



If you’re already planning your trip, remember Renfe doubles the frequency and number of trains to Benicàssim in summer, particularly during the Festival dates.

Even though summer timetables aren’t available until 4-6 months before the Festival date, don’t leave purchasing your tickets for the last minute! Remember all of us want to be at the beach eating paella, so tickets go fast!



These are the airports that offer a greater number of flights from different european cities:

Valencia – Manises -   92,2 Km(55 min)

Reus - 176 Km (1h 45m)

Barcelona – El Prat - 261 Km (2h 30m)

Alicante - 273,3 Km (2h 35m)

Girona – Costa Brava - 346 Km (3h 10m)

Madrid – Barajas -  439 Km (4h 30m)

The Festival offers an Official Bus Transport you can check to buy the ticket best suited to your needs.



At FIB they recommend you attend the Festival using a public means of transportation, but if you’re going to come by car, they ask you to come accompanied. Make use of all the car’s places and come with your friends, helping them reduce the Festivals carbon footprint.

You have also the option of Ride Sharing with BlaBlaCar in order to organize your trip to Benicàssim. You can see the different cities where you can start your trip and also you can organize a trip with your own car and share it with other people. Join this comfortable, low-cost and ecological alternative.



Travel from Alicante, Barcelona, Girona, Reus and Valencia.  For more information, visit fibshop.



There are also private transportation options. Please contact the festival directly.

For more transportation information visit the Benicàssim Turism Web site


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