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Since 2001 Skiddle has been recognised as the leading UK website for promoting events. Over 35,000 event promoters regularly use our Promotion Centre, promoting and selling tickets for hundreds of thousands of events, to the tens of millions of visitors that use and our partners each year.

Promoting an event online and selling tickets online is made easy with the Promotion Centre.

Take our 5-step tour to learn how to revolutionise your event promotion. Our online service gives you full control, 24/7 but you can always call us on 0843 289 9489 if you need to.

Promoter feedback

  • "Excellent service!" [Adam C]
  • "We love it! The stats part is wicked, and the whole design of it looks really simple and easy to use. You da mans!" [Owyn S]
  • "So glad I found this. By far the most powerful tool available for event promoters." [Joanna S]
  • "Very simple interface that is easy to navigate." [Stewart R]
  • "The new promotion centre takes our online promotion with skiddle to the next level. We've already seen an increase in ticket
    sales in such a short time"
    [Jamie S]
  • "The layout is logical and easy to follow. I will certainly be using Skiddle to promote our events." [Damian J]
  • "Goooooooddddddd...!!!! This is the site that I've been looking for...!!" [Dunnie D]
  • "I think this is fantastic! I love how i can check on everything per event, per week, per ticket etc. Top job!" [Ric F]
  • "Really easy to use. All information required is easy accessible." [Nisha L]
  • "I really like it. Nicely presented and ease of navigation. Winner." [Gary M]

Real testimonials collected from promoters using the promotion centre in October 2011

Who we work with

We work with 1000's of event promoters, including some of the largest event brands in the world. Our services are suitable no matter how big your events - from 10 to 100,000 capacity.

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Read how promoters have used our services to not only increase tickets sales, but boost brand awareness and gain customer loyalty. Find out how our services can benefit you.

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We've been rated the best ticket outlet in the UK according to independent reviews website Find out what our customers think about the service we provide below:

4 stars 8.3 out of 10
228 Customer Reviews - Read reviews
3 stars 7.3 out of 10
7 Customer Reviews - Read reviews
2 stars6 out of 10
4 Customer Reviews - Read reviews
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2 stars 4.7 out of 10
37 Customer Reviews - Read reviews
3 stars 4.6 out of 10
90 Customer Reviews - Read reviews
2 stars3.6 out of 10
12 Customer Reviews - Read reviews
Ratings taken from trustpilot on 4th March 2013

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