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The Lot Saturdays With Adonis DJs (Shay Malt & Grace Sands)  Tickets | HWK  THE LOT LONDON  | Sat 8th May 2021 Lineup

The Lot Saturdays With Adonis DJs (Shay Malt & Grace Sands) tickets


Saturday 8th May 2021

2:00pm til 10:00pm (last entry 9:00pm)

Minimum Age: 18

The best street food, drinks & DJs, every Saturday at The Lot. Right next to Hackney Wick station. Plan ahead and assemble your group in advance!

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The Lot Saturdays With Adonis DJs (Shay Malt & Grace Sands) on Saturday 8th May 2021

More than a year has passed since a stop was put on socialising as we knew it! Following a series of on and off lockdowns, substantial meals, mixing in bubbles and generally having no idea of what is going or when we were going to return to normality, we are now definitively on the roadmap to recovery and just weeks away from socially distanced socials, and a mere few months from touching, hugging and dancing as we knew it!

Al fresco-sit-down partying is set to return from April 12th and that means last year’s go to open air venue, HWK – The Lot, is back, with a weekly programming of the best underground DJs London and the UK has to offer.

This Saturday we've got a big one in store. Matthew Walker sets the tone in the afternoon. Then in the evening, we have the 2 main DJs behind London's best queer dance party - ADONIS! Expect this one to sell out.

So, grab your bubble of 4 or 6, select your time slot and table type and RESERVE NOW!

Tables can be booked in 2 slots:

2pm – 6pm (£25 - £35)

or 6:15 – 10pm (£40 - £60)

If you want the table all day, simple book both time slots. Each booking comes with complimentary prosecco! (See tickets for details)



Adonis (Shay Malt & Grace Sands)

Shay Malt is the brainchild behind Adonis – London’s standard-bearer for the queer underground clubbing renaissance, regularly held at The Cause, Tottenham.

Blood red lasers cut lines across a sea of sweat-soaked bodies that jack and undulate in a thick, humid haze. Front and centre, Adonis resident Hannah Holland tears into her 1:AM set while dancers climb and claw at the cage that surrounds the DJ booth. The room is at boiling point.

A converted mechanic’s workshop in the depths of London’s down-at-heel Tottenham might seem like an unlikely birthplace for a queer underground clubbing renaissance, but from the moment Adonis kicked open the doors of The Cause in 2017, it was clear that something very special was bubbling. Unapologetically dark, debauched and banging, Adonis is breathing life into the new-gen underground club scene for a multitude of reasons. At a time where many London clubs feel either over-policed or strangely segregated and the soundtrack of queer dancefloors for so long has been industrial-scale cheese, what Adonis offers up is the antidote.

With a pummeling and progressive sonic aesthetic fuelled by DJ and creator Shay Malt, past events have included under-the-radar sets from lauded selectors Daniel Avery and Saoirse as well as Berghain/Panorama Bar veterans Roi Perez and Tama Sumo. Combine that with Gideön (NYC Downlow, Block9 founder and DJ), who also acts as co-curator and Adonis’s in-house queer music pioneer, and it’s no surprise it’s getting so much hype.

Shay puts inclusivity and a desire to throw unpretentious off-grid parties at the forefront. “I’ve been to clubs where you feel on edge before you’ve even got in; I wasn’t going to let that happen at Adonis. Adonis is a queer, in-your-face party. People don’t come to be seen. They come to live their best lives and dance like they don’t give a fuck.”

The Cause and adjoining space Grow are united by a sexually charged, lawless hedonism. Physics teachers bump hips with off-duty drag queens and models straight from Fashion Week, while sweat-drenched bodies writhe from the toilet cubicles to the heaving dancefloors. In the smoking area, art students in shopping carts and a topless woman dressed only in fishnets mingle with muscle-bound bears en route to the notorious dark room. Harnessed bodies and hunks in leather chaps and cowboy hats pass poppers beneath dangling foliage in a glassed conservatory like a homoerotic Eden.

Blood red lasers cut lines across a sea of sweat-soaked bodies that jack and undulate in a thick, humid haze. Front and centre, Adonis resident Hannah Holland tears into her 1:AM set while dancers climb and claw at the cage that surrounds the DJ booth. The room is at boiling point.

Fellow Adonis resident Grace Sands flexes musical dexterity. Invisible behind maniacal lasers, Sands chops up garage, deep house and Madonna edits, building the room to a climax before it explodes.

Co curator and founder of NYC Downlow, Gideon states “It’s fucking great to play for a queer London crowd who are musically sophisticated. I make specific edits because I know the Adonis crew will go wild and you won’t have basic queens come up and ask you to play fucking Beyoncé remixes. My newest tracks are really homoerotic, so it’s a buzz to see them go off.”

Club kids by nature, musical taste-makers by craft, Sands, Holland, Gideön and Shay aren’t new to this. Each has put in decade-long stints in London’s club scene, from the birth of straight DIY raves and warehouse parties to battling through the AIDS epidemic, gentrification, multiple venue closures, and the invention of Grindr to becoming the driving forces that have reignited the underground queer club scene on a multitude of platforms.

What Adonis does differently is that everyone, from the door to the decks is a unique character with no pretences. Hats off to Shay for grafting and making it jump every month. [Sometimes] the stars align in club culture and this is that moment. It’s the right minds behind it, the right minds inside it and the right minds playing the music.

As the clock strikes 4:AM and Gideön delivers a sleazy acid house sermon, Sands is in reflective mood outside. “House music came from black and Latino gays in Chicago; [it was] about finding a safe space to party and celebrate that. When house came to the UK, we made it famous around the world. Straight, gay, it didn’t matter, it wasn’t about that. As much as I’d like to lament about clubs like The End, Trade and Turnmills closing, or laugh when I hear TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ played at 135BPM at commercial gay nights like Popcorn, you have to celebrate. Looking around tonight at Adonis, we’re all still here for that same message. It’s about coming together for the music, on a dancefloor where you can be yourself.”

Shay adds, “There are only so many times you can go to a gay club and hear an Adele megamix played relentlessly before you’re going to start searching for an alternative. It’s shady to say, but that’s probably why so many closed down. People like me started searching for a new Block9 or Holland’s Batty Bass... something that was progressive.”

Having locked down collaborations with Flash at Pikes Ibiza and festival slots like Maceo’s bar for Block9 at Glastonbury it’s hard to believe Shay started Adonis only four years ago. “No-one throws a party to start a business. I did it because I loved the music and luckily my mates were fab DJs,” he says. “I could have never expected it to become this mad monster where we’re flying acts in and getting approached to book others from all over the world.

Grace Sands has the last word. “The world’s gone mad! I think people subconsciously look around at everything and make the decision, “Fuck this, I’m gonna start having a good time.”


Grace Sands (Adonis / DIY Collective)

Droppin' it like it’s 🔥 DJ Grace Sands brings a queer take on deep house from her DiY Sound System roots, free parties and worldwide travels in the partnership Digs & Woosh.

Presenting to the world as female, she'll bring the vibe at 2 am and can still be found dancing at the end of the party!

Currently resident at London and Glastonbury's queer meccas ADONIS and NYC Downlow, she also runs her record label TruVanity, alongside her celebratory 'Grace's Groovilicious Wurld' nights at East London's The Glory.

DiY Soundsystem / Digs & Woosh Roots:

Grace is a key founding member of the most legendary free party and rave collectives - DiY, also known as DiY Sound System, which was founded in 1989 as one of the first house sound systems in the UK and went on to define the UK style of deep house in the 90s.

The crew began DJing in the thriving Nottingham house and squat party scene. Born out of a desire to better the first wave of illegal raves, they spawned a fruitful relationship with travellers and those on the festival circuit, who would supply the marquees and sound systems. Having amassed a local and loyal following, things started to move pretty quickly, and soon they had regular nights at the Cookie Club (Serve Chilled) and Venus (Bounce) in Nottingham. They secured a bank loan and invested in their own custom built sound system, which they then toured with to free parties and festival.

By May 1992 the UK festival scene, which they were now an integral part of, was growing and the authorities were not keen on allowing it to continue. The Avon Free Festival, traditionally held on the May Bank holiday weekend, had an injunction and only thanks to some swift manoeuvres by the travellers, switched to Castlemorton Common, which became known as the largest ever illegal rave held in the UK and led to the government bringing in the Criminal Justice Act of 1994 as a direct result.

The crew were notorious for their involvement in the free party scene, once referred to as 'culturally, the most dangerous people in the UK' for their disinterest in profiting off parties as a reaction against the growing number of rave promoters whose bias was towards their own financial enrichment, rather than the joy of their party-goers. They wished to form a cohesive, collective, political front against the prevailing anti-rave legislation that was beginning to come into force at that time.

As a result, DIY held a constant stream of illegal, outdoor parties (often at travellers' sites, quarries and disused airfields) all over the country. They threw 'free parties at abandoned airfields or on hilltops, drawing a mixed crowd of urban ravers and crusty road warriors'.

Their reputation also worked successfully in the realm of legitimate club nights, with their 'Bounce' night touring the country as well as being a staple of Nottingham's night life, becoming every fortnight at Dance Factory.

Its popularity, connected to its lack of concern for dress codes and its non-exploitation of its loyal clubbers, coupled with its very particular form of deep, soulful, often minimal house music, led to it being recognised as one of the top ten club nights in Britain by The Times.

Their unintended modicum of financial success led to them hiring an office and a studio. In 1993, they put out their first single Hothead EP, followed by a compilation album Strictly 4 Groovers, both on Warp Records. Strictly 4 Groovers also became the name of their own record label between 1993 and 1996, later to become known as DiY Discs between 1997 and 2006. The label put out releases from members of the DiY Collective, as well local artists including Atjazz, Rhythm Plate and Charles Webster. Over time they released over a hundred records, inviting some of the UK’s top producers into the studio with them. As duo Digs & Woosh, Grace (as Digs) released several EPs and countless mix CDs and remixes with the recently passed Pete Woosh. Together their toured the UK and the World.

They had a large following of loyal fans who accompanied them all over the world, where they held legendary parties in San Francisco, Paris, Amsterdam, Ibiza and Dallas to name a few.

The collective’s spirit is still going strong with a very active Facebook Group and occasional free parties. In 2019, DiY Collective celebrated its 30th anniversary with a series of events in venues in Nottingham and an outdoor free party in a nearby forest.

This bitch is hardcore! And you gonna looove her ;)


Matthew Walker

Giving you a taste of who is this mysterious artist and how we discovered him, let's start by telling you a bit more about his history. Raised in the far south of Spain between music from all backgrounds, his influences come from Hip-Hop, blues, jazz, and diverse electronic music styles, big thanks to his multi-instrumentalist father.

Nowadays, his duty is to spot the best bit of all of those genres and put it together, building a heavy bass melody that will make you dance as there's no tomorrow.

Matthew plays his eclectic selections 2pm - 6pm.


Need to Know

. All reservations are for between 2 to 6 people max.

. Tickets are priced per table. Not per person.

. The equivalent cover per person is just £5 - £10 depending on your table type, booking slot and assuming your table is at capacity.

. Table bookings on Saturdays come with a complimentary bottle of prosecco for tables that sit up to 6 and a glass of prosecco tables that sit up to 2 or 4.

. You can add pre-paid drink and food add-ons with this table booking.

. Bookings are held for a max of up to 30 minutes for late arrivals. We may free up your table if you’re any later and don’t contact the venue.


About This Booking

. This reservation is for a table in The Lot, HWK’s outdoor terrace area. It includes entry, live DJs, your reserved table for 4 hours, a welcome glass or bottle of prosecco (depending on your group size), and table service from our bar and kitchen. All food and drinks are ordered from your table.

. All online reservations are in blocks of 4 hours. If you would like to keep the table for longer (all day on a Saturday for example), then please make two separate reservations (for 2pm – 6pm and 6:15 – 10:15pm).

. You can make reservations for groups of 2, 4 or 6 with a single transaction covering the cost of the table. So, grab your crew in advance and buy a ticket for your appropriate group size and ensure you pick the appropriate table type. Your group must be from a maximum of two households.

. There are 6 table types that cater for groups of 2, 4 and 6 and are in three distinctive areas of the space: covered (on the dancefloor area, more in the thick of things and heated); in a gazebo (a bit quieter, more private and heated) and uncovered tables (open air).

. COVID rules mean that capacity is limited. So, we advise that you reserve a table in advance to guarantee your desired table for a guarantee of 4 hours. Walk-ins are accepted during these slots if tables are free and come without welcome drinks.

. All guests must arrive together with the ticket buyers, where that person will have their tickets scanned and escorted to their seat for their 4-hour slot.



This venue has committed to taking certain safety measures to provide a safe, comfortable experience during these times.

It’s important for us all to follow government guidelines and to minimise transmission of COVID-19. The local licensing authority have made it clear that they will be closing down venues that ignore government guidelines. Getting closed down is no good to us, you, the artists, our staff or the music community. This is a unique opportunity to socialise and see DJs that we love, in an intimate, friendly and safe setting.

In line with UK Government guidance — there will be a number of measures in place to keep everyone safe. Please read below:

.We kindly ask you not to shout, run or dance whilst at the venue.

.Please do not attend if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been asked to self-isolate.

.Please wear a mask when travelling to, from and queuing for the venue or toilet.

.All guests will be asked to sign into the Government Track & Trace app.

.Hand washing facilities are in all toilets and there are several sanitiser stations set up around the venue please make use of them!

.All food and drink will be ordered at your table via our floor staff and delivered to you. There will be no service at bars.

.Payments will be card and contactless only.

.There are several table types. Some are covered and some uncovered. We might not be able to move tables in the event of adverse weather. So, if you wanted a covered table, please assemble your group of 4 or 6, and book one in advance for a time slot of your choice. Booking slots are in blocks of 4 hours only..

.Tables have been separated by at least 1m back to back and 2m side to side for your safety and to comply with Government guidance.

.Please don’t arrange to meet in larger groups than your table allows. Keep to your own table area. We cannot allow tables to join together.

.We are unable to offer refunds or transfers of bookings less than 24 hours before your booking starts.

.There is also a grace period for your table reservation. You must arrive no later than 30 minutes after the start of your booking. We will free the table if you are any later. Please contact the venue if you think that you are going to be any later and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please try and work with us on this. Whilst we would like to be as flexible as possible, we are working with a limited capacity and rely on the bar sales from tables we have to stay afloat. Due to high staffing costs, no-shows are extremely costly for an operation like this.

.Please be aware of others and conform with our social distancing guidelines when at the venue.



We are located next to Hackney Wick station.

The Venue

There are two distinct spaces within HWK: “HWK Bar and Restaurant” and “The Lot”. Both are suitable for mixed households. HWK was originally a small cocktail and DJ bar that launched in Summer 2019 with an intimate interior courtyard that serves as an oasis in the industrial landscape of Hackney Wick.

As the bar itself was too small to comply to social distancing measures post lockdown, we initially focused on the interior courtyard and converted it into a restaurant and drinks area with seating. Professional sound was installed, providing drinks and diners with surround sound from the DJs in the bar.

The Lot is the space next door. A small parking lot that we converted over Summer 2020 to Hackney Wick’s best outdoor venue, which has hosted plenty of DJs and parties, including REVIVEHER, Nick The Record, James Priestley, Red Rack’em, Kiwi, Ray Many, Grace Sands, Kristy Harper and Eliza Rose. Expect the best underground DJs from talented upcoming producers to legendary selectors, encompassing all manner of genres.

Last Autumn, a roof was added over half of the space with heating below. We also installed a brand-new, custom built, high fidelity sound system from East London Audio.

The Lot is fully COVID compliant, with plenty of seating all around, from the dance floor, to the front terrace and gazebos. There is table service for drinks and food from our outdoor kitchen.

Both spaces have their own unique atmosphere and DJs. If you prefer intimacy and the music a little quieter, book a table for free in HWK Bar & Restaurant for when we reopen via , where you can enjoy flavours from So Cal and Baha Mexico, alongside some seriously excellent music selected by a varied roster of acclaimed record collectors.

And If you want the next best thing to a proper party in these strange times, book a table in The Lot!


An open air venue in the heart of Hackney Wick, serving a wide selection of drinks and delicious street food every Thursday – Sunday.

When arriving at HWK – The Lot, you and your ‘Bubble’ will be seated on a table for just you and your group to enjoy for the afternoon or evening at a safe distance!

We have DJs every Friday evening and all-day Saturday. Expect the best underground DJs from talented upcoming producers to legendary selectors, encompassing all manner of genres. Check the listings on our website and Skiddle, for special events, as well as for when we have DJs on Thursdays and Sundays.

Oh… and if it rains, we will have you covered… Literally! We have a covered area and dancefloor with tables too!


Music Genres: 

Deep House, Disco, Disco House, House, Nu Disco

Please note: The event information above has been added by the organiser. Whilst we try to ensure all details are up-to-date we do not make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information shown.