Weekend with Marc 'Animal' McYoung of No Nonsense Self Defence Tickets | BGS Sports Centre Bristol  | Sat 1st June 2013 Lineup

Weekend with Marc 'Animal' McYoung of No Nonsense Self Defence tickets

BGS Sports Centre in Bristol

Saturday 1st June 2013

10:00am til 4:00pm (last entry 10:00am)

Minimum Age: 15

Marc 'Animal' MacYoung will take you through his unique and gritty approach to Self Defence with over 12 hours of training over the weekend.

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Weekend with Marc 'Animal' McYoung of No Nonsense Self Defence on Saturday 1st June 2013

This seminar is open to all martial artists regardless of style or organisation. The seminar is Friday eve, Saturday and Sunday.

Marc "Animal" MacYoung needs very little introduction to most martial artists. The “Animal” as they say has been around the block a few times.

He spent his youth in situational poverty and ethnic diversity. His early knowledge of crime and violence was gained on the streets of Los Angeles amongst the street gangs and was first shot when he was fourteen.

Marc has worked in various roles including, warden of a correctional Institute, Bodyguard, Bouncer and Cooler, to mention a few, all of which put his life into danger. His knowledge of violence and crime growing ever stronger

Initially known best for his street-violence survival books, MacYoung later went on to write personal safety and self defence books and instructional videos. He is considered to be one of the pioneers of reality based self defence.

“One thing I am famous for is taking complex things and boiling them down to simple, easy-to-understand, easy-to-remember ideas. Information you can access easily even in a live-fire situation so the incident is over in three moves or less.”

Now the “Animal” is in Bristol for the weekend and it is your chance to train with him.

Psychology of Violence Talk (7 to 8:30 pm)

Friday 31st May 2013 Venue in central Bristol

Many martial artists spend years, if not decades, learning how to protect themselves from criminal attacks. But they haven't spent any time looking at how criminals select victims or commit their attacks.

'Crime Avoidance' is a court recognised system showing you how to identify and articulate what the criminal did to set you up for a crime. It's mostly how to nonviolently foil a felon's attempts to rob, rape, or assault you. The system is court-tested because it gives you the words to explain why you had to do what you did and why your acted in self defence and not in a consensual fight.

For those attending the weekend seminar we will be following the Crime Avoidance lecture with an evening with the “Animal” where you will get a chance to ask questions of Marc. This is done in a more informal setting and allows attendees to relax, get to know the instructors and each other, creating the ultimate seminar experience for the next two days.

Martial Mechanics/Force Physics (10am to 4pm)
Saturday 1st June 2013 BGS Sports Centre, Elmdale Rd, Clifton. Bristol. BS8 1SL

This is NOT system specific. That opens it to students and teachers of all combative systems, all types of martial arts, law enforcement, bouncers, and anyone who is in a job where he or she can be physically attacked.

It is not about generating more power (although you will learn that, too.) It's about how NOT to lose power. If you're losing 98 percent of your power because of bad body mechanics, it doesn't matter if you double your power -- you're still losing 98 percent.

A 120-pound woman, who can deliver all her power, will hit harder than an 180-pound man, who loses most of it because of poor delivery mechanics. Within an hour, people at the seminar will go from merely holding the kicking shields and remaining standing to be being blown across the room.
It's the difference between being hit by a pillow or a steel rod. Same amount of energy in both, but which will do damage?

Think of it this way. The way most people move is like trying to bail out a sinking boat with a sieve. If it weren't for all those holes, what they are doing would work. The “Animal” will help you by plugging those holes in your defensive and offensive movements. He will not be teaching you his style, but help you improve what you already do. It's about understanding what you do so you can do it better.

Once we've plugged the holes, we move on to better ways to deliver force. It's not just about hitting. It's about moving your opponent in such a way that he cannot attack you. At the same time, the effectiveness of your attacks is tripled. The key is learning to end a physical conflict in three moves. In two seconds, the dude is on the floor. What shape he's in ... well, the situation dictates.

More than all of that, this seminar's drills and techniques are not based on muscle. It's training along the lines of a quote from Helio Gracie, "Train as if you are an old man because one day you will be." This kind of power doesn't fade with age, like muscle and endurance. The older you get, the better you get.

The Knife Seminar (10am to 4pm)
Sunday 2nd June 2013 BGS Sports Centre, Elmdale Rd, Clifton. Bristol. BS8 1SL

Marc “the animal” McYoung explains “Much of it is based on understanding how knives are used, and why people get stabbed. (With just a few simple 'cues,' I can trigger a part of your brain that will make you take the absolutely most dangerous and stupid course of action against a type of knife attack -- and then I'll attack that way. I teach people to beware of that trap.)”

Marc will talk about the effects of adrenalin on perception and how it will make you 'walk into (a blade) weed whacker.' (Because of the adrenal surge, you'll swear he attacked you, but the security video will show you charged and attacked him.)

You will also learn the different kinds of violence and why your response is not 'fighting.' Your attacker has to be on the ground dying or unconscious in three moves or less ... or you will be. This is important because it also teaches how to assess a situation where lethal force is not necessary. Legal aspects are covered and how to deal with law enforcement after an incident.

Book now now as numbers are strictly limited to ensure a great experience for everyone one attending. Please contact Wayne Bradbury for further information if needed.


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