The Multidimensional Show Tickets | E57 Social Club Birmingham  | Sat 24th June 2017 Lineup

The Multidimensional Show tickets

E57 Social Club in Birmingham

Saturday 24th June 2017

9:00am til 6:00pm (last entry 9:30pm)

Minimum Age: 18

Are you ready to join this revolution in human consciousness? Join the Multidimensional Show in Birmingham on Saturday 24th June 2017...!

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The Multidimensional Show on Saturday 24th June 2017

Come for the second exciting installment of….

The Multidimensional Show - Birmingham

The show is about bringing greater awareness to our wider reality. Combining music and art with insights from the field of quantum physics, metaphysics, channeling and first hand recollected experiences of other lives and dimensions where intelligent life exists in worlds beyond our third dimensional existence.

We will touch on subjects such as the nature of reality, consciousness, past lives, extraterrestrial contact and soul purpose amongst others. Talks and performances will be held throughout the day along with stalls, products and services to further your understanding and experience. We hope you will come away from this show with an expanded mind and awe at what lies beyond your five senses and physical existence - allowing for a life of deeper meaning and greater possibilities.

Ultimately, it is about freedom. Are you ready to join this revolution in human consciousness?

Come and see at the Multidimensional Show in Birmingham on Saturday 24th June 2017...!

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£10 (exc booking fee) in advance, £15 on the door.

Introducing our cutting edge speakers...

Simon Parkes.jpg

Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes is public speaker and advocate for humanity. His family has had links to secret services and there have been prominent links to the Freemasons. Simon has had lifelong contact with extraterrestrial intelligence and served a full term as a politician and now talks far and wide on his personal experiences with ET life forms and to bring important knowledge on matters that affect us all politically, socially and energetically from both seen and unseen sources.

Simon also provides depossession therapy and individual soul readings and he also hosts a regular radio show called Connecting Consciousness on Wolf Spirit Radio produced by JayPee every first and third Sunday of the month. More can be found on Simonhere.

Todd Acamesis.jpg

Todd Acamesis

American born, UK-based out-of-body explorer, Todd Acamesis has been exploring consciousness through expanded states of awareness for more than a decade, including 7 years through the out-of-body state, and regularly presents talks, seminars and workshops on the subject.

Todd will be talking about some of his experiences and taking us on an exploration of this multidimensional reality we live in. He will also be introducing us to the PandoraStar, a Deep Trance Meditation Machine using light technology used to expand our minds and explore new levels of consciousness.

Denis Barnes.jpg

Denis Barnes

Denis Barnes is a channeller for a group of nonphysical grand ascended Masters called ”The Council of Twelve”. They use Denis as a Conscious Conduit (which there are only two of in the world who channel the full energy of the group) to share insights and information to the world at large, which includes their healing energies and loving wisdom to all mankind. These masters, as all spiritual masters throughout the universe are working with the Earth and Humanity to assist us (the human race) us to ascend from the 3rd to the 5th/6th/7th dimensional.

To some degree their work on this earth plane is to awaken mankind to their true divinity of who we really are and of where we come from and to where we are going. Denis will share direct guidance from The Council of Twelve, alongside his profound experiences which brought him to the point of walking away from the corporate world into the vast awareness of the spiritual dimensions.


David Hunt and Dave Hodrien

Dave Hodrien has been chair of Birmingham UFO Group (BUFOG) since 2009 and regularly investigates UFO reports. Together with Dave Hunt, they will be returning to The Multidimensional Show to talk about more of the profound ET contact experiences he has had both on a physical and nonphysical level more recently which has been shared and witnessed on numerous occasions by friends in the band he performs in, Cosmosis. Member of the band will also be recounting their similar experiences.



The acoustic rock band Cosmosis were formed in recent years as a means of sharing their thoughts and feelings with the public. Many of the songs are directly influenced by the band’s experiences, and have deep and meaningful lyrics. The band goes from strength to strength, and it has become a very important part of their journey. They will be returning for a second time to perform some of their best tracks in a half an hour set.

If other dimensions exist, where are they?

A dimension might be considered as a particular band of energy. Imagine for a moment there are lots of these energy bands. They strangely happen to exist in the same area of space and overlap each other, but are also separate at the same time. Think of it being a bit like how radio stations operate on different radio frequencies. Typically, you can only tune into one station at a time (for example 87.1 FM listening to jazz music or 91.2 FM for heavy metal. Each listener is unaware of the other and the radio frequencies are separate too. Consider this to be a similar model for how dimensions work. Except this time, some people are able to pierce this barrier. They have the ability to perceive these 'other places' at least temporarily and in a number of ways.

This may have even been more widely possible to achieve in the past, but as the mainstream today is generally dismissive it is a quality which has probably been eased out of society over time. However, rather than a physical break through to other dimensions, communication could be more akin to downloading new information from these other realms. Sudden insight appearing from nowhere. The potential to gain knowledge through dreams, synchronicities, a feeling of just ‘knowing’ or even direct contact with beings from another place. Perhaps communion with nature spirits here on Earth that we are not usually able to detect with just the five senses. Gaining access to this new information would be like moving from a basic telephone system to fibre optic broadband. What a jump that would be!

Understandably, it is often difficult putting these experiences into words and tidy categories, but more and more people are reporting such anomalous events happening to them. Might this eventually change our perception of reality and the world? Although this event does not profess to have all the answers, we are eager explorers.

Are you ready to open your awareness to life as a multidimensional being in a multidimensional universe...?

Come and see at the Multidimensional Show in Birmingham on Saturday 24th June 2017...!

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£10 (exc booking fee) in advance, £15 on the door.

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