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Free ticketing, registration and passworded tickets from Skiddle

Skiddle are already leading the way with our ticketing solutions for paid events of all sizes. Today we're very excited to announce the release of 2 new key features. Designed to help promoters who run free events, guestlists and accreditation or discounted ticketing, we hope you will enjoy the additional flexibility these features provide.

Password protected tickets

Ever wanted to offer a discounted ticket to a group of your customers - for example, Facebook fans or loyal customers? Or perhaps a free ticket or VIP pass, but restrict who has access to it? With our Password protected tickets, you can now control this completely.

Ideal for:

  • Discounts for special groups
  • Early access tickets
  • Restricted VIP or Guest tickets

Passwording is easy, simply add a new ticket and select the availability as "Password Protected"

On your tickets overview page you will then be given the option of entering one or more passwords which can be used to buy the ticket.

To buy a ticket, customers simply enter the code and this will allow them access to the relevant ticket. You can set up multiple protected tickets per event so it's ideal if you have different pricing levels. It can also be used in conjunction with free tickets to restrict their availability

A full guide to setting up protected tickets for different scenarious can be found in our guides:

» Offering discounted entry to restricted groups

» Running a restricted guestlist or crew/press/artist accreditation

Free ticket registration

Throw away that unwieldly guestlist spreadsheet! Through our Promotion Centre you now have the ability to add a 'Free Ticket'. Our checkout will then switch to 'registration mode' and ask the customer for their basic details, but not requesting payment. This is a quick process, designed to maximise conversions and therefore registrations.

This can be used for publically available tickets (ie for a free event) as well as restricted tickets (such as complimentary guest passes to a paid event). To set up a free ticket, simply select the 'Free' option:

Ideal for:

  • Free guestlist administration
  • Event registration
  • Free Press, Artist or Crew passes
  • Free parties

All registrations are handled by Skiddle in the same way as a paid ticket, so you still receive demographics and stats. You can download an eTicket list in the same manner or collate the info into a spreadsheet, making this ideal for all event types, from free parties through to exhibition registration. It can also work with our RapidScan system for barcoded entry. An event can also run a mix of free and paid tickets, giving you complete flexibility.

A full guide to setting up free tickets for different scenarious can be found in our guides:

» Running a free guestlist

» Running a restricted guestlist or crew/press/artist accreditation

Send tickets to customers

Some promoters may be in direct contact with their guests and wish to allocate them tickets directly, without them having to obtain a ticket through the Skiddle website. Our new functionality allows you to enter the guest's basic contact details and sent tickets to their email address directly. This is great for allocating free Guest, VIP or Artist passes and removes the hassle of administration from yourself.

Again, all tickets are added to your usual Skiddle eTickets list or RapidScan data.

A full guide to sending free tickets can be found in our guides:

» Sending tickets to customers

Where next?

The features can also be accessed today via our Promotion Centre, where you can get started straight away - just login and click "Sell tickets"

This new functionality has been designed with flexibility in mind to work for a wide range of events. Why not give us a call (0333 301 0101) or email and discuss how your event works, so we can talk you through the best solution.

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