Chez Mal at Malmaison Reading reviews

Chez Mal at Malmaison Reading

Chez Mal at Malmaison Reading
Great Western House,
18 - 20 Station Road,

Cuisine: European

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Customer reviews of Chez Mal at Malmaison Reading

Review of Malmaison - Reading

Overall rating: 3.5

The food is very good indeed and although used to London prices think it's marginally overpriced. Great waiter and waitress - swift professional service and 'on-the-ball' with whole menu - quire a rarity.

We came early to relax and read in the lounge while waiting to eat as we had come from out of town and needed to relax before eating and drinking. Too bloody dark in there - would have absolutely hated it if it was hot and sunny outside and we were stuck in a very dark space. We are familiar with Malmaison Hotels but think this was way over the top for darkness!!


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Food: Poor Fantastic
Service: Sloppy Snappy
Atmosphere: Dead Lively
Value for money: Poor Great
Toilets: Unhygenic Hygenic
Location: Awkward Convenient
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