ASK Italian - Bournemouth

ASK Italian - Bournemouth

Customer rating: 4/5 from 4 diner reviews

ASK Italian - Bournemouth
Jacey House,
284-292 Old Christchurch Road,

Cuisine: Italian

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Description of ASK Italian - Bournemouth

A big hit amongst the student community of Bournemouth due to its close proximity to the University, ASK Italian is a fantastic Italian restaurant where pizza and pasta is top quality.

Found at the top of Old Christchurch Road, ASK Italian is a buzzing and lively destination for a meal and attracts plenty of group diners. The menu is extensive and although pizza and pasta are the main draw, the specials are pretty good too. Try the amazing Mediterranean terrine with chicken and king prawns cooked in a rich tomato sauce with butter beans, red peppers, black olives, garlic, pine nuts and raisins all served with warm fresh bread.

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