Cloud 23 - Manchester Deansgate reviews

Cloud 23 - Manchester Deansgate

Cloud 23 - Manchester Deansgate
303 Deansgate,
M3 4LQ

Cuisine: British

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Customer reviews of Cloud 23 - Manchester Deansgate

Review of Cloud 23 - Manchester Deansgate

Overall rating: 3.5


Went when it wasn't really THAT busy. It was 22 minutes from entering and standing at a table to getting served to order our drink, then another 27 minutes until our drink was served - so nearing 1 HOUR!

Tried to get a waitresses attention - didn't want to know. Tried to go up to the bar, was asked to go back to table as it's table only service, managed to get out that we were waiting, was told 'you'll just have to wait sir, we are busy'

Nice to go at least once, esp when showing friends and family Manchester, but wouldn't go again out of choice.


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