Covent Garden Fire & Stone in London sample menus

Covent Garden Fire & Stone

Covent Garden Fire & Stone
Fire and Stone Ltd,
31/32 Maiden Lane,
Covent Garden,

Cuisine: Pizza

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Sample Menu for Covent Garden Fire & Stone

Dinner Starters & Salads
Fire & Stone's own recipe pizza base, fresh‐baked then drizzled with any of the following (only extra virgin olive oil is used):
Chilli oil £1.95
Garlic oil £1.95
Basil pesto £1.95
Garlic oil and mozzarella £2.95

Kalamata olives, taramasalata, homous & Italian bread sticks £3.95

Vegetarian antipasti plate with marinated artichokes, stuffed vine leaves, Kalamata olives, semidried
tomatoes, homous, braised butter beans & Italian bread sticks £4.95

Mediterranean antipasti plate with Parma ham, Napoli salami, smoked ham, homous, taramasalata, olives, cornichons & Italian bread sticks £5.95

Greek salad with fresh sliced red & green peppers, red onion, cucumber, vine tomatoes, dressed with aged red wine vinegar & olive oil, topped with barrel aged Feta & fresh oregano £5.95

Falafel with homous and tzatsiki £3.95

Crisp fried breaded calamari with lemon & tartare sauce £5.95

Buffalo Mozzarella , vine tomato, picked basil, roasted red peppers, balsamic dressing £4.95

Lemon, rosemary and garlic marinated chicken fillet in Japanese bread crumbs with mixed baby leaves, cherry vine tomato, cucumber and lemon thyme dressing £7.95

3 warm bruschettas, French brie and onion jam, roast red pepper and pesto, sliced parma ham and barrel aged feta £5.95

Main Course Salads
Smoked salmon, crayfish & mixed leaf salad with red onion, semi‐dried tomatoes & lime & red chilli dressing

Chicken Ceasar salad with Fire and Stones Ceasar dressing,crisp coz lettuce, croutons, parmesan
cheese and anchovies £6.95

Side Salads
Mixed leaf side salad with French dressing £1.95

Ceasar Salad, crisp coz, croutons, parmesan and anchovies £1.95

Greek salad dressed with aged red wine vinegar £1.95

Rocket and parmesan with balsamic glaze £2.95

Tomato, basil and red onion, balsamic dressing £2.95

Fire & Stone takes pizza to a new level bringing you absolutely amazing stone‐baked pizza made from extraordinarily fresh ingredients, cooked to perfection in our gigantic wood‐fired oven. We make and twice prove our own pizza dough every day on‐site to provide
the lightest and crispiest base possible. All produce is sourced from local and specialist suppliers in our relentless pursuit of entirely authentic and fresh produce.

Our amazing combinations have been passionately designed to ensure that each pizza is delivered to perfection. All you have to decide is which one to go for and resist the temptation to tamper.

(We can remove any ingredient from your pizza but cannot unfortunately add new ones!!)

Pizza Deluxe
Sliced roasted prime fillet of beef, creamy green peppercorn base, mozzarella and sauteed wild mushrooms topped with watercress and horseradish sauce £13.95

The Hamptons
Sliced whole roast duck breast, plum and ginger base, mozzarella and wilted spinach topped with slow cooked apple and chestnut chutney £12.95

Garlic marinated prawns, Chinese Hoi Sin sauce, fire‐roasted red peppers, sliced spring onions & Mozzarella, drizzled with chilli oil £8.95

Roast tandoori marinated chicken chicken breast, spiced tandoori yoghurt base, broccoli, sliced red
onion, Mozzarella, spiced mango chutney & cucumber & mint yoghurt £7.95

Chinese Hoi Sin sauce, shredded aromatic duck, Mozzarella & spring onions topped with cucumber
ribbons £8.95

Koh Samui
Thai green coconut curry sauce, roast chicken breast, crisp fried shallots, Mozzarella, red chilli & mange tout, baby sweet corn drizzled with toasted sesame seeds £7.95

The Americas
New Foundland
Poached flaked atlantic salmon, roasted fennel, basil pesto base, mozzarella,sweet red onions, rocket and salmon caviar £7.95

San Francisco
Fire & Stone's tomato sauce, sliced vine‐ripened tomato, baby Mozzarella & fresh torn basil £6.95

New York
Crispy oven‐roasted smoked bacon, Mozzarella, Fire & Stone's tomato sauce, garlic & rosemary roast potatoes, caramelized onion jam, topped with sour cream & smoked paprika £7.95

Slow cooked ground chilli beef, Fire & Stone's tomato sauce, jalapenos, Mozzarella, sliced red onions, topped with sour cream & guacamole £7.95

Cape Cod
Fire & Stone's tomato sauce, baby prawns, squid & mussels, grated Mozzarella, fire‐roasted red peppers, capers & Kalamata olives topped with fresh oregano

Fire and Stone's tomato base with sweet roasted butternut squash, balsamic roasted red onions,
sliced French brie, mozzarella topped with toasted pumpkin seeds £6.95

Crisp oven‐roasted smoked bacon, free range egg, shaved smoked ham, Mozzarella, Fire & Stone's
tomato sauce, basil & chives £8.95

Byron Bay
Basil pesto, mixed marinated mushrooms, Mozzarella, garlic & rosemary roasted potatoes, sour
cream , smoked paprika & caramelized onion jam

Fire & Stone's tomato sauce, roast chicken breast, garlic & rosemary roast potatoes, Mozzarella & marinated mushrooms topped with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce £7.95

Fire and stone's tomato base, spicy smoked pepperoni, Italian garlic and fennel salami, sun blushed tomatoes, mozzarella and marinated black

Fire & Stone's tomato sauce with oven roasted crispy bacon, Mozzarella, Cumberland sausage, sliced black pudding, free range egg & chives £8.95

Rosemary infused Mascarpone cheese sauce, Mozzarella, oven roasted courgettes, marinated artichokes topped with slow cooked tomato chutney

Fire roasted red pepper sauce, Mozzarella, sliced vine ripened tomato,wilted spinach, barrel‐aged Greek Feta cheese & pine nuts drizzled with pesto £7.95

Sliced roast pork loin, crispy bacon braised cabbage, on Fire & Stone's tomato sauce topped with Bramley apple sauce, chives & sour cream £7.95

Fire and stones tomato base, confit rabbit, roast baby onions, mozzarella, sugar peas, sliced red onions, topped with coleslaw £7.95

Fire & Stone's rosemary infused Mascarpone cheese sauce, wild mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter, Roquefort blue cheese, grated Mozzarella topped with toasted walnuts & parsley £7.95

Fire roasted red & yellow peppers, courgettes, aubergines, balsamic roasted red onions, Mozzarella
& Fire & Stone's tomato sauce topped with crumbled goats cheese & pine nuts £6.95

Sliced Italian pepperoni, ground spicy beef, Mozzarella, Fire & Stone's tomato sauce & mild chilli, topped with fresh basil & oregano £8.95

Cumin spiced ground lamb, Mozzarella, mint yoghurt sauce, green olives, raisins & sliced red onion
drizzled with chilli oil £7.95

Extra toppings
The following delicious toppings are served on the side and priced at £1 each;

Smoked paprika and garlic aioli (V)

North African Harissa‐ hot and spicy (V)

Chilli Jam‐ hot and sweet (V)
Tzatsiki (V)

Marinated Kalamata olives (V)

Sour cream with crispy bacon and chives

Seasonal summer fruits pizza glazed with maple syrup, served with coconut ice cream £4.50

Selection of rich & creamy Italian ice creams £3.95

Warm waffles with summer berry compote, vanilla ice cream £3.95

Rich chocolate brownie with Madagascan vanilla ice £4.95

Passion fruit pannacotta with mint & passion fruit syrup £4.95

Smaller sweet bites
Chocolate Glazed fruit and nut Florentines £1.95

Almond Biscotti £1.95

Little Chocolate cups with chocolate mousse £1.95

An optional 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.
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