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La Passione in Kirkaldy sample menus

La Passione

La Passione
69 St Clair Street,

Cuisine: Italian

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Sample Menu for La Passione

Dinner ***

Foccaccia £2.55
Garlic Pizza Bread

Foccacia Al Pomodoro e peperoncino £2.75
Pizza bread with tomato, garlic and chilli

Foccaccia al Formaggio £3.25
Pizza bread with garlic and mozzarella

Bruschetta Romana £3.25
Toasted garlic bread with fresh tomato and basil

Home made Bread and Butter £1.85

Home made Garlic Bread £2.10

Olive Nere £1.95

Bruschetta Classica £4.25
Toasted garlic bread with fresh tomato and basil and
topped with parma ham

Bruschetta Di Verdure £4.25
Toasted garlic bread with charcoal grilled vegetables

Cold Starters

Antipasto Classico £6.95
Salmon, parma ham, dolcelatte and olives

Caprese Romano £5.25
Buffalo mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil

Prosciutto E.Melone £6.25
Parma ham and melon

Insalata Tri Colore £6.25
Advacado, mozzarella and fresh tomato

Antipasto Dt mare £6.65
Seafood salad

Salmone Cartoccio £6.45
Smoked salmon and prawns

Antipasto Mare Di Monte £6.95
Selected meat and fish

Bresaola Classica £6.85
Cured meat rochett and shaves gran padano

Avocado Con Gambretti £5.95
Advacado with prawns

Coppa Gamberetti £5.25
Prawn Cocktail

Home made Pate £6.25
Served with crusty bread

Garciofini Ingarroza £6.25
Artichokes wrapped in parma ham drizzled with olive oil

Hot Starters

Cozze Alla Marinara £6.25
Fresh mussels, garlic wine and tomato

Melenzzane Parmiggiana £5.65
Baked aubergine, tomato, mozzarellaand parmesan cheese

Gamberoni Fantasia £6.20
Breaded king prawns served with chilli dip

Gramberoni Alla Griglia £6.85
Grilled king prawns with garlic and lemon

Asparagi Sorpresa £5.65
Fresh asparagas, parma ham holladaise

Funghi Ripiene £5.50
Stuffed mushrooms with dolcelatte cheese

Pesciolini Indiana £4.50
Deep fried whitebait in spiced flour

Crevette Alla Griglia £6.95
Fresh crevette with garlic and lemon parsley

Zuppa Di Vongole Capri £5.95
Fresh clams soup capri style

Zuppa Di Scampi £5.10
Marino's own soup recipe

Zuppa Di Asparagi £3.15
Cream of asparagus soup

Minestone Soup £3.25
Fresh italian vegetable soup

Straggiatella Soup £3.00
Chicken stock, egg and cheee

Pasta Dishes

Lasagna Al Forno £7.35
Homemade Lasgne

Cannelloni Fiorentini (v) £7.35
Homemade cannelloni ricotta and spinach

Linguine Puttanesca £6.85
Olives, capers, chilli, garlic,anchovies and tomato

Spaghetti Allo Scoglio £7.85
Rich fresh mussels and clams in a white wine and tomato sauce

Spaghetti Carbonara £7.15
Cream Sauce, bacon, egg and cheese

Spaghetti Bolognese £6.15
Homemade meat sauce

Spaghetti Al Pomodoro (v) £6.25
Fresh tomato and basil sauce

Spaghetti Alle Cicale £7.15
Fresh crevette, garlic, chilli and tomato sauce

Spaghetti Turidou £7.15
Tuna, olives, spiced sauce with a touch of chilli and tomato sauce

Linguine Alle Vengole £7.15
Fresh clams, garlic wine and a touch of chilli

Linguine Alle Russa £7.15
White crab meat, garlic,Touch of chille and a splash of vodka
and cherry tomatoes

Penne All"Aragosta £7.95
Penne pasta with lobster tails with marino's secret sauce

Penne All"Arrabiata (v) £6.85
Spicy pasta, garlic, chilli tomato sauce

Pasta Dishes

Penne Al' Amatriciana £7.75
Pancetta, onions, garlic,chilli tomato sauce

Penne Funghi E Prosciutto £7.65
Ham and mushroom cream sauce

Penne Al Funghetti (v) £7.15
Mushrooms in a cream sauce

Penne Classiche £7.35
Smoked salmon and prawns in a creamy white wine sauce
with a touch of tomato

Tagliatelle Alfredo £7.15
Garlic,ham,wine cream sauce

Tagliatelle Casa £7.65
House Speciality - cream,blognaise mushrooms and
calabrese sausage

Tagliatelle Cardinale £7.65
Ham, mushrooms,tomato and cream sauce

Tagliatelle Al Simone £7.35
Smoked Salmon and wine cream sauce

Tagliatelle Primadonna £7.35
Zucchini,chicken,garlic,cream sauce with a touch of tomato

Taglitelle Papalina £7.15
Pancetta,peas,dolcelatte cheese, cream sauce with a touch of

Tortellini Al Funghi £7.15
Mushrooms in a wine cream sauce

Tertellini CasaLinghi £7.55
Parma ham, mushrooms, tomato and a touch of cream

Pasta, Gnocchi (Dumplings) Risotto (Rice Dishes)

Pasta - con't

Tortellini Principessa £7.65
Pancetta,asparagus,garlic, tomato and cream

Pannette Pugliese £7.95
King prawns,broccolli garlic,black olives and cherry tomatoes
with a touch of chilli

Rigatoni Siliciana £7.15
Aubergine,anchovies,black olives,tomato sauce and a touch
of cream

Rigatoni Rusticuti £7.15
Spiced sausage,broccoli,pancetta.tomato sauce and fresh basil

Gnocchi (dumplings)

Gnocchi Con Rucolla (v) £7.15
Rochett, dolcelatte, cream sauce

Gnocchi Autora (v) £6.95
Tomato, fresh basil and cream sauce

Gnocchi Bolognase £6.95
Gnocchi with bolognaise sauce

Risotto (rice dishes)

Risotto Al Funghi (v) £7.15
Rissotto, mixed mushrooms and cream sauce

Risotto Marinara £7.45
Seafood risotto

Risotto Mare E Bosco £7.35
Risotto, Asparagus, prawns and mixed mushrooms

Rissotto Alla Romano £7.35
Rice with artichokes, pancetta, peas and tomato sauce


Pizza Margherita (v) £6.15
Tomato,cheese and basil

Pizza Napoletana £6.75
Tomatoes,cheese anchovies and olives

Pizza Four Stagioni £7.30
Tomato,cheese,parma ham,artichoke,mushrooms and olives

Pizza Calabrese £7.15
Tomato,cheese onions and sausage

Pizza Funghi (v) £6.85
Tomato,cheese and mushrooms

Pizza Classica £7.25
Tomato, parma ham and dolcalette cheese

Pizza Capricciosa £7.25
Tomato,cheese,artichoke,ham,eggs and olives

Pizza Passione £7.15
Tomato,buffalo mozzarella smoked salmon,rochett and prawns

Pizza Opera £7.35
Tomato,cheese,chickenand bacon

Pizza Rustcana £7.15
Tomato,cheese,chicken and mushrooms

Pizza Marinara £7.45
Tomato,cheese,mixed seafood and basil

Pizza Di Verdure (v) £7.35
Tomato,cheese, mixed charcoal grilled vegetables

Pizza Casareccia £7.50
Tomato,cheese,onions,roast peppers,pancetta and olives

Pizza Calzone £7.85
House Speciality

Any other topping 0.70
Insalate (Salad) Piatte Di Carne (Meat Dishes)


Insalata Mista £2.25
Mixed Salads

Insalata Verde £2.20
Green Salad

Insalata Di Pomodora £2.45
Tomato and onion salad

Insalata Paesana £2.75
Potato,red onion and olives

Insulata Con Rugola £2.75
Rochett,onions and olive salad

Meat Dishes

Bistecca Alla Griglia £13.95
Charcoal grill sirloin

Filetto Alla Griglia £15.85
Charcoal grilled fillet steak

Filetto Al Pepe £16.95
Peppered fillet and cream sauce

Filleto Diana £16.95
Fillet steak, onions,mushrooms and a brandy cream sauce

Filletto Boscaiolo £17.85
Fillet steak - house speciality

Bistecca Pizzaiola £14.50
Sirloin, garlic wine, mixed olives and tomato

Filleto Al Porcini £17.85
Fillet staek with porcinni mushrooms and cheese sauce

Filleto Strogonoff £15.95
Diced fillet strips with onions,mushrooms,paprika and cream sauce - served with rice

Piatti Di Vitello (Veal Dishes) - Piatti Di Pollo (Chicken Dishes)


Vitello Alla Milanese £11.95
Breaded veal gently pan-fried

Vitello Parmiggiano £12.85
Breaded veal, topped with parma ham,mozzarella.
tomato sauce gratin

Vitello Funghi Crema £12.35
Veal escalope,wine,mushrooms and cream sauce

Vitello Saltimbocca £12.85
Veal escalope,parma ham,sage and a special sauce

Vitello Al Marsala £12.35
Veal cooked in a marsala wine and a touch of cream

Vittello Passione £14.95
House speciality - please try

Costata Fiorentina £16.45
Veal t-bone charcoal grilled with rosemary,garlic and lemon sauce


Petto Di Pollo Alla Sicilana £11.35
Chicken breast,garlic,onions,mixed peppers and tomato

Pollo Al Funghetti £11.35
Chicken breast,mushrooms,wine and cream sauce

Pollo Sofia £11.95
Chicken breast, asparagus,brandy and cream sauce

Pollo Genovese £12.95
Stuffed chicken breast,roast peppers,baby mozzarella,
fresh basil,breaded and pan-fried

Piatti Di Pesce ( Fish Dishes )

Langhostine Al Forno £14.95
Fresh Langhostine,garlic,wine and lemon

Gamberoni Alla Griglia £13.25
King prawns,wine and a touch of chilli

Zuppa De Pesce £14.50
Special fish soup

Merluzzo Alla Pizzaiola £9.95
Fresh haddock,garlic,olive and tomato

Halibut Alla Agriglia £13.25
Fresh grilled halibut,garlic and lemon

Sea Bass £13.75
Grilled fillet of sea bass with white wine and lemon sauce

Calamari Fritti £12.90
Fresh calamari - half portion also available

Coda Di Rospo Termidore £14.50
Monk fish with termidore cheesesauce,served with rice

Coda Di Rospo Incarozzo £14.50
Monk fish wrapped in parma ham and oven baked

Gamberoni Calabrese £14.25
King prawn with garlic ,touch of chilli with and tomato sauce

Gamberoni Orientale £14.25
King prawn with spicy curry sauce

Gamberoni Allo Spiedo £14.95
Charcoal grilled king prawns wrapped in pancetta on a skewer

Tonno Alla Siciliana £13.95
Charcoal grilled tuna steak served with marino's own green sauce

Salmone in Padella £12.95
Fresh scottish salmon pan fried

Frittate ( Omellette ) Condorni (Extra Veg )


Frittata Paesana £6.95
Eggs potato, onions and asparagus

Frittata Casareccia £6.95
Eggs,spinach,spiced sausage and parmasan cheese

Frittat Ortolano (v) £6.95
Eggs,courgettes,peas and flat parsley

Extra Veg

Spinaci Aj' Aglio £2.45
Spinach and garlic

Broccoli Saltate £2.45
Broccoli, garlic and a touch of chilli

Funghi Saltate £2.95
Mushrooms sauteed

Potate Romana £2.95
House speciality please ask you waiter

Zuchine £2.95
Charcoal grilled courgettes

Merenzane £2.95
Charcoal grilled aubergine

Patatine Fritti £2.25
French Fries

Dolci ( Sweets )

A Selection of Sweets form the display £3.70
Please ask the waiter

Cassata Sciliana £3.70
Traditional scilian ice cream

Banana Fantasia £3.95
Chopped Banana,ice cream,nuts,chocolate sauce and whipped

Coppa Amarena £3.95
Ice cream,amareno cherries and whipped cream

Coppa Babba £3.95
Ice cream rum baba with whipped cream

Coppa Russia £3.95
Lemon sorbet and lemon

Coppa Del Nonno £3.95
Ice cream, tia maria, almonds and whipped cream

Meringhe Sorpreso £3.95
Meringue surprise

Coppa Anannas £3.95
Ice cream Pineapple and whipped cream

Affocato Al Caffe £4.25
Marino's favourite-please try it

Crespelle Sorpresa £4.25
Crepe,ice cream and hot chocolate sauce

Tartufo Bianco o Nero £3.55
Confection Truffle,white or black,ice cream topped with cream

Fragole Fresche £3.75
Fresh Stawberries with ice cream or cream

Zabalione Classico £6.00
House speciality-minimum of two people

Pera Al Ghiotonne £3.90
Fresh pears with dolcelatte and drizzled with honey

Banana Passione £3.95
Charcoal grilled banana with ice cream and toffee sauce


Caffe ( Coffee )

Espresso £1.50

Cappacino £1.80

Latte £1.80

Machiato £1.60

Corretto £1.90

Café Con Panna £1.90

Caffe Con Liquuore £3.80

Bianco £1.60

Nero £1.50

Decaffiatted £1.70

Hot Chocolate £1.80

Tea £1.35

Spaciality Teas £1.45


Beers and Soft Drinks


1/2 Pint lager £1.30

Pint Lager £2.60

1/2 Special £1.30

Pint Special £2.60


Peroni Nastro Axxuro £2.80

Budweiser £2.80

Miller £2.80

Soft Drinks ( Glass )

Coke £1.40

Diet Coke £1.40

Lemonade £1.30

Irn Bru £1.30

Fresh Orange £1.30

Cranberry £1.30

Pineapple £1.30

Ginger Beer £1.60

1/2 Litre Litre
Still Mineral Water £1.80 £2.70
Sparkling Mineral water £1.80 £2.70

Spirits and Liquers

Vodka £2.05
Gordons Gin £1.95
Bacardi £1.95
OVD Dark Rum £1.95
Morgans Spiced £1.95
Southern Comfort £2.05
Famouse Grouse £1.95
Glenmorangie £2.60
Macallan £2.70
Jack danials £2.10
Tequila £2.15
Sambucca £2.15
Martell Brandy £2.35
Vecchia Romagna £2.35
Remy VSOP £3.20
Baileys Irish Cream £2.55
Drambuie £2.25
Glayva £2.25
Tia Maria £2.35
Sherry £2.35
Port £2.35
Vintage Port £2.35
Amaretto £2.35
Strega £2.25
Averna £2.25
Grappa £2.25
Limoncella £2.25
Jagmeister £2.25
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