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Terre a Terre

Terre a Terre
71 East Street,

Cuisine: Vegetarian

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Sample Menu for Terre a Terre

Dinner A la Carte Menu While you wait, think and drink!
Try a glass of our .....
Prosecco Pizzolato 6.50
Pineau des Charentes 3.95
Sierra Morena, Seco, Vino Palido - Fino style 3.95

Wasabi cashews (v/gf ) 4.00
Marinated black & green olives (v/gf) 4.00
Tamari drenched roasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds (v/gf) 3.50
House smoked sundried tomatoes (v/gf) 4.25
Sesame Hoisin Tofu (v) served with pickled ginger and wasabi. 6.00
Hot Smoked Tofu (v/gf) 6.50
With pickled carrot, mustard seed and sweet ginger relish and wasabi.
Deep Fried Fat Grana Padano Green Olives 5.50
Served with saffron labne.
The Daily Bread (v) 5.25
A selection of freshly baked Terre à Terre and Artisan breads.
With Sicilian extra virgin olive oil & aged organic balsamic or butter.
(for gluten free option have our hibiscus, amchur, nori salt dusted puffed rice seaweed crackers) Fabulous Garlic Focaccia (vo) 5.00
Big and griddled, loaded with lemon zest herb butter.
Aubergine Zhuganoush, better than Baba! (v) 5.85
With spice Dust Lavash Tanoor, hot crisp flat breads with fresh coriander.
Tarator Tomatoes (v) 6.10
Smoked Sundried tomatoes with beetroot, walnut and flat leaf parsley tarator
and focaccia fingers.
Cocky Cauli and Ginger Bhajis (v/gf) 7.00
Cauliflower and ginger bhajis with tamarind relish and coconut green chilli curry leaf chutney. Delicious Double Dunkers (v/gfo) 14.00 for two to share
Kalamata krush, houmous, zhuganoush and smoked tomato beetroot and
walnut tarator with a selection of breads and cracking crackers.

The Terre à Tapas Plate (vo/gfo) 23.00
A selection of lovelies from around the menu - For two to share.
Today,s Soup (vo/gfo) - Served with our lovely fresh bread. 6.80
Soup, Salad, Cheese and Bread (vo/gfo) 9.95
Today,s soup, our warm bread, with our smoked tomato rocket salad.
Bison Bon Bon Beet,s (gf/vo) 8.95
Pumpkin terrine tarator with bison beetroot vodka verrine, slipcote sheeps cheese bon bons soaked in dill oil with caraway pepper salt, served with a sage onion fritter biscuit, brittle walnut crumble and apple balsamic.
Arepas Chilli Candy (v/gf) 8.95
Deep fried corn cakes rolled in spice dust served with chilli chelly jelly,
avocado and lime hash, chilled pokey gazpacho and a candied chilli.

Starters & Salads
Middle Eats (vo) 8.95 or large -13.95
Crispy hot fabulous fat falafels on flatbread loaded with zatar oil, smoked tomato and chilli sas, topped with preserved lemony Yemeni courgettes and capsicums, parsley coriander and mint seasoned leaves Served with pickle bits saffron labne, houmous, finished with zatar spice dust.
Hot Hari Halloumi (gf) 8.95 or large -13.95
Soft buttermilk soaked halloumi marinated in tandoori spice served with coconut, green chilli and mustard seed chutney, chilli pineapple and fresh coriander salad, with lime, curry leaf and citrus spice dust dressing.
Zucca and Zatar (v/gf) 8.50
Baked butternut squash with beet walnut and smoked tomato tarator served with minty leaves, pomegranate lemon dressing and zatar dust.
Smoked Tomato and Rocket Salad (vo/gf) 6.10
Leafy salad of rocket, lashings of herbs and smoked tomatoes, shaved Grana Padano dressed with lemon and extra virgin olive oil scattered with tamari oven roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Main Courses

Fancy Nancy (gf/vo) 14.65
Coco tamari fried spice rice with spring onion egg foo yung, topped with a salad of pickled and fried lotus root, coriander leaves, beansprout with chilli lime palm dressing yum tang salad. Finished with garlic, shallot and peanut sizzle and served with lime leaf red pepper lemon grass soup.
Cheddar Gorge 14.80
Twice baked cheddar souffle, loaded with a boozy ouzy cider sauce. Served with melba toasts, and a pickle line up of ruby beet silver skin onions, carrot mustard seed souse slaw and parsley greened silver skins. Finished with pickled purees and pomme.
Aubergine Dengaku (v/gf) 14.50
Slow soft sake baked aubergine sizzled with tahini, sesame and white miso finish served with edamame and yuzu pesto, sesame ginger dressed Arame Wakame vegetable thread salad and a hibiscus, amchur, nori salt dusted puffed rice seaweed cracker.
Better Batter and Lemony Yemeni Relish 14.85
Soft buttermilk soaked halloumi dipped in chip shop batter, served with vodka-spiked preserved plum tomatoes, bright fresh pea mint hash with pickled quails egg, sea salad tartar and chubby chips, finished with lemony yemeni relish.
Terre à Tiffin (v/gf) 14.85
Cauliflower and ginger bhajis with fresh tamarind relish and coconut green chilli curry leaf chutney with channa dhal, deep fried chickpeas served with nimbu bhat cardamom brown onion lemon saffron baked basmati rice, confit brinjal pickle, chilli slivers, tangy lime and mumbai mix spice dust dressing.

The Rosti

Bison and Beet Rosti (gf/vo) 14.65
Crispy fried potato, onion and garlic rosti topped with sage baked butternut squash, walnut beetroot and smoked tomato tarator. Finished with fresh slipcote sheeps cheese and beetroot bison vodka sauce.
Rosti Revisited (gf/vo) 14.65
Crispy fried potato, onion and garlic rosti topped with sautéed buttered spinach, finished with cream, garlic, parsley and nutmeg, topped with a soft poached egg and melted cheese.
Rosti Raj (gf/vo) 14.65
Crispy fried potato, onion and garlic rosti topped with griddled tandoori halloumi, channa tamarind dhal, coconut, green chilli and curry leaf chutney, with deep fried chick peas, chilli slivers, dressed with tangy lime and mumbai mix spice dust.

Chips (for added extra dunk into dips!)

Chunky Hand Cut Fat Chips (v/gfo) 5.25
Dips For Chips (1.00 extra)
Avocado lime Hash (v)/ Aubergine Zhuganoush (v)/ Kalamata Krush (v)
Chilly Chelly (v)/ Lemon Garlic Herby Mayonnaise / Zatar (v) / Houmous (v)
or Saffron Labne.
Smokey Scrunch Chips (v/gfo) 5.50
Scrunched fried and seasoned with smokey spice dust.
Cheesy Chips (gfo) 5.80
Smothered with melted cheddar and Grana Padano.
Truffle Chips (vo/gfo) 7.50
Seasoned chunky chips tossed in grated Grana Padano,
truffle oil and leaf parsley with Lemon Garlic Herby Mayonnaise.
....on the side

Buttered Sautéed Spinach (gf/vo) 5.95
Finished with cream, garlic, parsley and nutmeg.
Bright Fresh Pea Mint Hash (gf) 4.25Nimbu bhat basmati rice (gf/v) 4.25
Cardamom brown onion lemon saffron baked basmati rice with deep fried sumac chickpeas.

v = Vegan
ro = raw option
vo = Vegan Option
gf =Gluten Free
gfo= gluten free option
wf =Wheat Free
t/a=elements of dish available to takeaway
For all other dietary requirements please ask.Terre à Terre caters for vegan and gluten free diets. Where possible we will cater for more specific diets but require plenty of notice. If you have a particular request please contact us well before your booking. Every effort is made to deal with dietary requirements. But with an open kitchen traces of elements may be present.

Certain dishes contain nuts , please ask.
Good food that is freshly cooked takes time to arrive.
Please note that service charge is not included, unless it is a party of six or more.
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