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Las Iguanas - Brighton reviews

Las Iguanas - Brighton

Las Iguanas - Brighton
7-8 Jubilee Street,

Cuisine: South American

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Customer reviews of Las Iguanas - Brighton

Review of Las Iguanas - Brighton

Overall rating: 4

I haven't been for a couple of years and forgot just how much of a party atmosphere there is on a Saturday night. It wasn't just the bar area but everywhere were birthday parties and hen parties. Still it suited out group of four. Be weary if you are after a romantic first date where you want to whisper into a lover's ear. The staff were as attentive as ever and Ii liked the fact we had three waiters in all. The menu was really extensive and the food was tasty and arrived hot. Although there were long gaps between courses. I observed an adult with severe physical disabilities being treated with dignity and respect on a really busy night and that was impressive. Overall an excellent experience.


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Food: Poor Fantastic
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