Café Rouge - Brindley Place in Birmingham reviews

Café Rouge - Brindley Place

Café Rouge - Brindley Place
The Waters Edge,
Brindley Place,
B1 2HJ

Cuisine: French

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Customer reviews of Café Rouge - Brindley Place

Review of Caf Rouge - Brindley Place

We arrived early as we had booked seats at the Symphony Hall. We were greeted by a friendly and courteous waiter who immediately showed us to a vacant table. The food was delicious and well presented and the wine, although only a modest house white was crisp and enjoyable Overall service was polite and efficient and we left for our concert very pleased with our dining experience. Thank you!!!

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Food: Poor Fantastic
Service: Sloppy Snappy
Atmosphere: Dead Lively
Value for money: Poor Great
Toilets: Unhygenic Hygenic
Location: Awkward Convenient
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