guildhall history play returns for richard reburied revisited

Warwickshire playwright sets the record straight for Richard III with new history play for all the family

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Date published: 14th Mar 2016

26th of March this year will mark one year since the Reinterment of King Richard III at Leicester Cathedral. The much maligned king died in battle at Bosworth where Richard III DECLINED THE OFFER OF A HORSE on which to flee saying that he would "live victorious or die a king". The last English King to die in battle was subsequently hurried into a shallow grave in Greyfriars Kirk in Leicester where his body remained until 2012 when Phillipa Langley's famous dig uncovered his remains in a city centre car park under a space coincidentally marked with an "R". Richard III is perhaps best known for Shakespeare's portrayal of him as a hunch backed villain based on an unpublished work by Sir Thomas Mooore. However, Historians through the centuries have argued over the King's guilt or innocence in his dealings with his nephews, the princes in the tower and now another WARWICKSHIRE PLAYWRIGHT is here to set the record straight. It is now generally agreed that Richard was the subject of an Early Tudor smear campaign. WRITER of UNCLE RICHARD, E. S COOPER from LEAMINGTON SPA says "Our new History Play tries to present a little of all the theories about the fate of the princes in the tower so that the audience can make up their own minds. The chroniclers from the time are just as biased as the modern media and in many cases even more sensational so it is very hard for us to find the truth now... I just wonder what Shakespeare would have written had he known what we know now. It?s an important lesson in reliability of sources but also comforting to know that even after 500 years the Truth can win out!" DIRECTOR of UNCLE RICHARD, TARESH SOLANKI from LEICESTER says "What struck me on reading the script was how accessible the history is and how much fun! It all boils down to family loyalties and conflict - brothers betraying brothers, strong minded mothers, competing cousins, arranged marriages and unpopular in-laws - everyone can relate to that. I don't think anyone will look at the WARS OF THE ROSES in the same way again after watching this show. "It was a great honour to receive the commission and a privilege to be a part of Reinterment week. The thousands of people from all over the world there to pay their respects - the mounds of white roses scattered and candles lit in tribute were surprisingly moving. The Cathedral and City Council did a commendable job -my hometown, Leicester should be proud of itself, I certainly am"

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