York indie rockers, Cold Culprits, unveil new material at Boroughbridge gig

Last Saturday night, four-piece indie rockers, Cold Culprits, gave gig-goers in Boroughbridge a sneak peak of tracks from their upcoming EP of original material.

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Date published: 4th Dec 2018

Cold Culprits were gigging in Boroughbridge at the Three Horse Shoes on Saturday, 1 December, where they performed two songs from their upcoming EP live for the first time. The songs, No Day's a Diamond and War & Promises were slid into the set alongside a mix of other original material and cover songs.

Formed as a three-piece covers band in June 2018, and playing their first beer festival just three weeks later, Cold Culprits have built their sound around well-known anthems from the likes of The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, The Clash, Stooges, Oasis, The Ramones and The Smiths. Now a four-piece with a fistful of original material, the band's songs are beginning to stir up audiences.

"We've been smearing our own upbeat songs into our cover sets and they've been going down a treat," says Kurt Faraday, Cold Culprits' frontman. "Once the lyrics start to slide around inside people's heads and mix with the melodies, it's not long before audiences are dancing around and singing along with us. Most of the time we don't tell them it's one of ours until afterwards, and the reaction is awesome. For me, there's no better feeling. Next year, alongside the covers, we're planning a bunch of purely original gigs and scoping out music festivals, so this EP is a natural progression."

As well as refining one or two of the pub and festival favourites for the EP, Cold Culprits will be releasing a glut of new material, which won't have been performed in public. The new EP is planned to run to seven songs.

"I see song writing as a process where I'm holding onto this tree on a vast lowland plain. There's a surging, stampeding herd of words, music, vowel sounds and ideas battering the crap out of everything around me and I'm hanging on, grabbing at stuff and watching all this chaos," says Faraday. "I'm hoping to make some sense of it. Trying not to get dragged away into the shit storm. It's intense and exhausting. Once I've plucked out what I need, I let everything die down and poke around with my guitar till I've got something solid that I'm happy with. Then I take it to the band and they make it shine."

Faraday always aims to write songs driven by intense description and measured storytelling, touching on themes like moral indifference, loss, civil war, regret and melancholy, but all buoyed up with optimistic undercurrents and a kickass indie sound explosion.

Cold Culprits is Kurt Faraday on vocals and guitar, Chris Hunter on drums, Jack Mallon on bass and Bean Beanie on guitar. Their new seven-song EP is scheduled for release in March 2019 and will include the gig favourites, 'Sweet Apathy' and 'Pieces of You', as well as new material that hasn't been performed in public. Watch out for Cold Culprits playing their live mix of covers and originals around York, Leeds and beyond in 2019, and make sure you check out the new EP release, with a limited run of CDs available in March.

Watch a montage of the original music from last Saturday's Cold Culprits gig here: https://youtu.be/GF5MuNGEmOw

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